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I recently had a friend suggest I write a postΒ about how I do my meal prepping/what I make for breakfasts and lunches, and since I’m late to the food prepping party this week… I got it done just in time for me to try out one of these “What I Ate Wednesday” posts. I’ve never done one of these so hopefully it turns out okay πŸ™‚


Breakfast: Scrambled egg whites with steamed spinach.


Lunch: Boneless skinless chicken tenders cooked in olive oil and pesto, leftover baked spaghetti squash (from this delicious meal), and roasted asparagus.


I usually try to do all my food prepping on Sundays but it doesn’t always happen that way. It saves me time throughout the week and I also don’t have to worry about what I’m going to have to eat – it’s already all planned out for me. The only downside is there’s less variety so it probably looks really boring. It’s easier to just make a larger amount of something and have it multiple days/all week then to cook something different for each meal, so it is what it is. My dinners get varied though, so at least there’s some variety in my life haha.

I’ve also been drinking much less coffee lately, and when I do need some caffeine, this is my go-to:



Right now, my meals are generally pretty simple as I’m still working on this whole eating healthy thing. I’m also still trying to balance everything with the time I have available and it’s not the easiest thing to do. I am happy with the meals though, they are clean & whole (mostly) so that feels good. I am excited to keep improving with my meals though!

Do you food prep? What day do you usually do it?
Do you eat the same thing every day or vary it up?


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  • Such great tips! Thanks for starting this for people like me who are completely overwhelmed at the idea of meal prep! I am interested in spaghetti squash.. I love noodles, I wonder how I’d feel about this! πŸ™‚ Might have to give it a try! πŸ™‚ Thanks Jess!

    • Thanks Cianna – and thanks for suggesting I blog about my food prepping πŸ™‚

      I really like spaghetti squash as pasta – I don’t miss noodles at all! I’m still trying to like it in other meals but so far I like it best with sauce.

    • Thank you! I want to try zoodles too but I actually love zucchini so when I do buy it I just make it as is haha. Also I don’t have a nice julienne peeler.

  • Ever since I was given a Vitamix, I’ve been making green smoothies several days in advance. This has been a major timesaver! I drink a green smoothie every weekday morning and I have been trying to make sure that I have some on hand for the weekend too.

    In the past, I’ve made a big batch of steel cut oats and portioned them out into daily-sized portions to eat for breakfast. Making overnight oats with these types of oats without boiling them first made for a really gross breakfast!

    I’ve also made several egg-white patties in ramekins in advance and then made a bunch of sandwiches for the week in advance. Some folks blanch at this, but I like to use the microwave for this because it’s a lot easier to clean off a microwave dish than a skillet.

    • Jealous of your Vitamix, I want one so bad. I love a good green smoothie too. I’m hoping I can make them more often. I’ve made overnight oats but with rolled oats, which turns out good. I’ve also made overnight steel cut oats but in the crockpot and that turned out amazingly. That egg-white ramekin idea is awesome though, I am definitely going to have to try that!

      Thanks for stopping by my *new* blog πŸ™‚

      • Making smoothies in advance during weekly food prep has been helpful for me because the making process and cleanup process can be time-consuming (and I usually use canned or frozen fruit too!) Pouring them from the blender container into a blender bottle each day eliminates the problem of ingredients separating. One quick tip with making egg-white patties in ramekins–make sure to put a bit of cooking spray in the ramekin before putting it in the microwave. Makes it a lot easier to get it out and it also makes cleanup much easier too. Enjoy!

  • Ohhh food looks so good!! I am horrible with food prepping because I get so bored and feel like I am eating the same thing!!!! πŸ™‚ I do try to plan out (more like a guideline) of what I want to eat for the week!!

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