We’re Buying a House!

Yep – that’s right! Mike and I are officially house hunting in North Carolina! It has been a hectic couple of weeks. We’ve narrowed our focus to the lovely town of Apex, NC (though Cary and Morrisville are still options depending on what goes on the market). We absolutely adore Apex though and that’s where we hope to end up ๐Ÿ™‚


Apex also has really great schools, which is a plus for the future when we have kids and all that. The historic downtown Apex is beautiful and has cute restaurants and shops. It’s a little more “rural” than Cary but not “middle of nowhere” or anything like that. Plus, it’s still close enough to both of our workplaces and any shopping areas and parks that we like to go to. However, right now it’s been pretty competitive and houses have been selling QUICK.

We’ve been talking about getting a house for awhile (originally back in Ohio – we wanted to look in Rocky River!). Since moving down to North Carolina, we didn’t originally plan on getting a house so soon, but we’ve honestly loved living here so far and we don’t plan on leaving anytime soon (we just got here!) so it made sense for us to find a place to settle down. (Especially when you think about another year of rent… all that money going towards nothing). We’ve been working with a realtor and touring houses, and you wouldn’t believe that we actually found a house we loved. We put an offer in, but in the end we didn’t end up getting it. It was sad, but it just wasn’t meant to be… it wasn’t our home. So the search continues! We know our house is out there ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m excited for this next adventure in our lives and to chronicle the journey here with all of you! Areย you a first time home buyer? Do you have any tips/suggestions for Mike and I? We’ve definitely learned a lot so far, with a little help from our families and our realtor. It’s weird not having either of our parents around to help us look, but they’ve been helpful with answering questions we have, etc. Plus, we’ve been doing “video tours” of houses we like, which kind of makes it feel like they were there with us. So that’s the latest big news from us here in North Carolina!

Until next time…


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