Weekly Fitness Update: #CLEMarathon 10K Training (Week 6)

I probably shouldn’t even call this post 10K training because I haven’t been running very much lately, but I have been doing other workouts! I’m hoping to get back into running this upcoming week and continue to do at least 2 runs each week from here on out. Compared to last week, I at least have 1 less rest day!
Making progress 🙂 [Don’t sweat the small stuff, just keep improving!]

weekly fitness update

Welcome to another Weekly Fitness Update, where I recap the week’s workouts and any other miscellaneous health/fitness-related thoughts. Thanks for helping me keep myself accountable 🙂

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Monday: 1.5 miles on the treadmill plus some squats, crunches, and arm workouts.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 11.44.00 PM

Tuesday: 1 hour power kickboxing class – my first time trying kickboxing and it was a lot of fun!

Wednesday: 60 minute spinning class, 10 minutes on the rower machine, and 50 crunches.

Thursday/Friday: Rest days. (Friday was unintentional…)

Saturday: That morning, I weighed myself & I am officially down 15 pounds since I was at my heaviest weight (back in July 2012)… so happy & proud & excited to keep the progress going!!

Then I went to my first free 1-hour session with a personal trainer at my gym. We did a lot of strength training exercises that also help with running. Some of the exercises he had me do were: frankenstein walks/kicks, high-knee marches (A-March and B-March) and marching skips (A-skips and B-skips) that help with running technique, cross-overs, half-kneeling chops (with a medicine ball), static lunges, medicine ball slams, up & over shoulder presses, side planks/half-angels, and half get-ups (without the kettlebell). It was a lot more intense then I was expecting and it definitely got my heart rate up! I’m excited to keep doing these – especially before runs.

Sunday: Off. I wanted to go to spinning, then I at least wanted to do something at the apartment, but I’ll be honest… Sundays can be stressful for me. Realizing the week is starting, getting everything prepped (especially for food), and also still trying to accomplish anything I didn’t get to over the weekend… I get overwhelmed! I’m going to work on my time management and prioritizing, as well as just letting myself make time to workout because it is just as important as anything else I feel like I “need” to get done.

What days do you struggle with fitting a workout in? How do you motivate yourself to workout when you’re overwhelmed and stressed out?