Weekly Fitness Update: #CLEMarathon 10K Training (Week 1)


Welcome to anotherย Weekly Fitness Update, where I recap the weekโ€™s workouts and any other miscellaneous health/fitness-related thoughts. Thanks for helping me keep myself accountable ๐Ÿ™‚

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This week was my first official training week for the 2014 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon 10K. I learned that having my plan be flexible is NECESSARY. I also learned that if things do come up, I want to try to rearrange my schedule, not skip days. Overall, I think the first week went pretty well but I hope all the kinks are worked out and the rest of the plan will go more smoothly (and with less rest days, haha).

So here’s how my week looked:

Monday: 3 miles on the treadmill

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 10.05.50 PM

I was still sore from skiing over the weekend so it was a fairly moderate run but it was day 1 so I didn’t want to start out too hard.

Tuesday:ย I took my first spinning class (which you’ll be hearing all about very soon). It was a Ride/TRX Basics class at Ride + Workout in Lakewood, so about 30 minutes spinning and 15 minutes doing some strength exercises on the TRX suspension system.

Wednesday: Ended up being a rest day, but I did join a gym! I was debating on doing this but after visiting FitWorks in Rocky River and seeing all that they have to offer (including spinning classes) and a good price, I decided to sign up. I’m excited to try a spinning class there and see how I like it. I also get a couple free sessions with a personal trainer so I can learn more about weightlifting & stuff!

Thursday: Another unintentional rest day. Except I can’t remember why… haha. Oh well.

Friday: Mike got free tickets to the Lake Erie Monsters game that night so of course we went… they were also having a #CLETweetup so we did that before the game. We did walk probably at least 3 miles around Cleveland that night though… I walked from my parking garage to Harry Buffalo on E. 4th (about half a mile), then from Harry Buffalo to the Q (0.2 miles)… then the fun really started happening. I dropped my key card to my parking garage in the Q and didn’t realize it until we were about halfway to my parking garage. (So add another 0.8 miles to our total, which brings us to 2.5) We didn’t know if they’d let us back into the Q so we figured we’d see if the garage was unlocked (it wasn’t) or if someone might be in there that could let us in and out (there wasn’t). We decided to walk back because Mike’s car was at the RTA station so we could at least get home… and on the way we called The Q’s lost and found (finally a smart idea!) so that’s another 0.8 miles. The amazing lady at the lost and found was able to find my key (seriously, she is a saint). So we made it to The Q, got my key card, and walked all the way back to my garage. (Another 0.8 miles). So it looks like the total mileage for the night is actually about 4 miles!!! Yeah it was a rough night/fiasco. I was just so thankful they were able to find my key card though… and she even gave me a lanyard to attach to it so now I’ll never lose it again! And I did technically get my long “run” in hahaha! Alright story time is over.

Saturday: Rest day. We made plans to drive to Pittsburgh to celebrate our friend’s birthday.

Sunday: I did 2.9 miles on the treadmill. I was intending to do 4 but didn’t realize the gym closed when it did so I got cut off. Oh well.

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 8.25.44 PM

Total miles: 5.9 that were planned, 10 if you count the 4.1-ish that were walked unintentionally on Friday. Ha.

In other news, I started taking Green Tea+ supplements from Delta Labs & was accepted into their ambassador program! I’m probably going to do a separate post with more information, but if you are interested in checking out their products, you can use code “ANCHOREDINCLE” to get $5 off any order! ๐Ÿ™‚

I also participated in a 5 Day Water Challenge all week, which I’m going to recap in another post as well!

How was your week? Tell me about it in the comments!


  • You did amazing this past week! How are you liking fitworks? I go to LA Fitness at Crocker and I love it, but I’m always on the lookout for new places to go workout. How are you liking the supplements?

    • Thank you so much Alisia! I have only gone once so far (minus my tour), but I like it a LOT! They have a lot of cardio machines, a sauna, a smoothie bar, they offer classes (including spinning), and I get a couple free sessions with a personal trainer (just to name a few of the amenities hahaha). If you’re looking, I would definitely recommend it!

  • When I ran my first 10K I was only able to run 3 miles. For some reason I thought a couple extra miles shouldn’t be so hard and it wasn’t! I am convinced that if you can run 2 miles on your own you can run 4 miles in a race. I think the adrenaline pumps you up.

    • That’s sort of how I felt going into this… I was able to complete the 5K and didn’t think a 10K would be that much worse. I think I will be fine, I just want to work on my endurance and hopefully be able to do more running/jogging than walking but either way I’m just excited to do it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • you have done SO much more than me girl, good job (I need to use you as motivation haha)! Looks like you have a very realistic approach to exercise! It’s nice to see that you have rest days and normal days… that is what makes a healthy lifestyle long lasting!

    • Aww thanks! It was hard to motivate myself before but now that I actually have a training plan, it helps keep me accountable and focused. I like to think I’m on the path to a long lasting healthy lifestyle, so thanks for reinforcing that ๐Ÿ™‚ Makes me feel like I’m on the right track haha.

  • That is a lot of exercising–you did a great job! I have been so bad with working out lately. I’m sick of exercising on my elliptical…I just want to go on nice walks outside again.

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