Weekly Fitness Update #5

Welcome to another Weekly Fitness Update, where I recap the week’s workouts and any other miscellaneous health/fitness-related thoughts. Thanks for helping me keep myself accountable 🙂

Monday: See my post from this past week.

Tuesday: Sore sore sore! But worth it.

  • 25 minutes on the elliptical /1.6 miles and 145 calories burned
  • 50 crunches (varied)
  • 25 squats with a 6lb kettle ball
  • 50 various arm/upper body weight lifts with a 5lb dumbbell

Wednesday: Still sore! I worked late so I had to take a rest day. I did do some stretching though, and I think this would be a good day for yoga in the future (or spinning, or barre, etc) 🙂 I also ate pretty healthy with a granola bar and coffee for breakfast, and sauteed baby kale and new potatoes for lunch, plus water.

Thursday: Worked REALLY late (until 8) so it just didn’t happen. 🙁 Rough week.

Friday: Date night with Mike to celebrate our 2 year anniversary so no workout & did eat a couple treats. But it was worth it 🙂

Saturday/Sunday: Nothing nada zip. I don’t really have any excuse for not working out other than putting priority on other chores & things I needed to do (like getting ready for vacation). I’m bummed at myself but hope to make up for it while I’m on vacation.

So, remember when I told you I spontaneously registered for the Cleveland Marathon 10K?

Well, it’s officially less than 5 months away (which for you regular runners probably seems like a long time away, I’m sure), but for me it’s time to get in gear for some pre-training training, ha.

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 10.02.02 PM

I’ve started to look up some 10K training programs to get myself in the mindset, but for now I just need to get back into a routine of working out 4-5 times per week. Of course, this week had to be a busy week for me to re-start getting my fitness routine back… and now the holidays are coming up, so I don’t expect to fully start until the new year. (Do I smell another excuse?) …But I am planning on running outside while I’m in South Carolina for Christmas, and THAT I am excited for 🙂

Have a happy, healthy week & check back next week for the next Weekly Fitness Update!


  • So happy you will be a part of “The Cleveland Experience” It’s a great race. Now start training! Start out small, run 2 days a week for 10 mins and increase by 5 mins every week. You’ll be surprised that you’ll be running for an hour in no time!

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