Weekend Adventures & Weekly Fitness Update

This past week was full of surprises and indulgences.

As you know, I celebrated my 24th birthday. With that came dinners out, drinks, and delectable pastries… and I indulged. I did try to make up for that with starting back up on my shakes, but now that all of the fun is over, I can get back to really focusing on my health.

Once again, we only got one workout in this week, but it was a decently long one (by our standards).

In other news, we spontaneously adopted a second kitty on Saturday afternoon. We went into the pet store to get something for our current cat and they had the adoption fair, so we stopped to look… needless to say, this little guy stole our hearts so we took him home with us:

Look at that cute face! How could you say no to that?

Mike & I had talked a few times about getting a second cat at some point (ironically we even talked about getting an orange cat), so it honestly worked out perfectly, albeit maybe sooner than we originally planned. He’s such a lover though, I think he’s going to fit right in. Oh! We ended up naming him Murphy, to stick with the Irish theme we had going with Molly. Plus, how cute does Molly and Murphy sound?! (Moo and Murph for short).

Molly wasn’t happy though. She didn’t react as bad as we thought she would, but there has been some hiding & hissing (which is to be expected). She’s slowly coming around though, so hopefully they’ll be pals in no time!

That night, some friends visited us in Lakewood for our housewarming/belated birthday celebration. It was so nice to catch up & show them our new place. We went to dinner at Barrio with the first set of friends that came, then they had to leave and a second set of friends came and we went to Humble Wine Bar and Angelo’s Pizza. I think it’s safe to say I’ve had my share of eating out for a long while.

Blue Moon at Angelo’s Pizza.

All in all, I had a really amazing weekend – but I’m also looking forward to another low-key week and upcoming weekend. Mike & I still have a few things to work on around the apartment to be fully unpacked and settled, so we’re going to work on that. We also have to make one more exception to not eating out and go to Riverwood Cafe for $1 taco night on Wednesday and watch the Indians game. GO TRIBE! (What an amazing day for Cleveland sports, huh?)

How was your weekend?


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