Weekend Adventures / Weekly Fitness Update (#CLEMarathon 10K Training: Week 3)


Welcome to anotherย Weekly Fitness Update, where I recap the weekโ€™s workouts and any other miscellaneous health/fitness-related thoughts. Thanks for helping me keep myself accountable ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m just going to come right out and say it – this past week wasn’t my best fitness-wise. Or eating healthy-wise. I did, however, break a PR for distance… but I also went out to eat twice (Barrio and Angelo’s).

Here’s how my week went:


Monday: I took a rest day from being very active & subsequently very tired after a 3-day string of working out my legs. So technically that went as re-planned, haha.

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday: It was really hard for me to get my energy back this week for some reason, so there’s quite a few purple boxes now (per Katie‘s suggestion, I changed the color from red to purple haha). Wednesday I did actually TRY to workout – I did about 20 minutes on the elliptical then started to get a migraine, so that was fun. The migraine is also partially why I skipped Thursday and Friday… I was already exhausted this week to begin with and migraines just take SO much energy out of me. It was honestly just a really rough week, so Friday night Mike & I ended up going to Barrio (girl needed a margarita BADLY, though it was actually Mike’s idea originally). #noregrets

Saturday: I got a PR this day! I did my longest run to date: 5 miles. I also think my pace improved a little bit. I was feeling pretty unstoppable afterwards! (Wish I could say the same for the next day..) – I also walked up 5 flights of stairs (nothing crazy but I figured I’d mention it.)


Saturday afternoon/night, Mike and I went to see one of our favorite bands – The Wonder Years. It was SO much fun – but I did not realize how much pain my feet would be in afterwards. The show was amazing – we bought the VIP passes so we got a small acoustic and Q&A session with the band and a free poster PLUS the regular show.ย The band took a group shot of all the people in the VIP session:



After the show we were starving so we ended up getting a pizza from Angelo’s (blame it on the late hour).

Sunday:ย I woke up and could barely walk. My feet (mainly my heels) were in so much pain, so I didn’t do much (just a couple stretching & abs videos from Blogilates). We went grocery shopping and I was just limping around, it was awful. Mike did concoct a little foot soak for me though, which was sweet.

It helped a little, but the pain still hasn’t gone away completely. I think the problem was not doing much all week and then going my longest distance yet (and then standing for 5-6 hours afterwards). I did stretch but I guess it didn’t help. All day Monday was pretty rough, so after work I bought some ice and a foam roller to try and help. I’m also going to need to rest more this week so hopefully it doesn’t set me too far back. I also don’t think I’m going to plan on doing the Lakewood Jig & Jog 5K. I’m hoping my heels heal before the 5-miler this Saturday. I’m nervous but I’m just going to take it easy until I feel better. (I am, however, hoping I can at least go to spinning class on Wednesday.) I read an article that said running injuries are comment with beginner runners, especially if you increase your mileage too fast so I feel like that is at least part of what happened. I also don’t really know if my running form is good or not…

I sort of feel like I may have gotten a little overzealous with my training plan so I’m probably going to scale my milage back a bit until I see how my feet can handle it. I’m learning a lot through this process though – stretch, listen to your body, be flexible. Those seem to be the themes as of lately.

Update: After icing and foam rolling and golf-balling (well I used a cat toy), my feet are feeling a bit better today. I’m hoping another night of resting will get me back on my feet – literally… haha. PS thanks for all the tips from fellow #CLEMarathon bloggers Jess and Joe! I super appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚

To end on a happier note, here are some ridiculously cute photos of my cats from the weekend:

They were loving the warmer temps and having the sliding door open... and apparently they actually DO like each other! <3
They were loving the warmer temps and having the sliding door open… and apparently they actually DO like each other! <3

I also picked up NOOMA to try and I’m excited to see which flavor I like best. I love that they’re from CLE!

Have you tried these yet? Which is your favorite?
Have you tried these yet? Which is your favorite?

And that’s about it for now! I’ve got a great guest post coming up this week, as well as a delicious and healthy recipe I tried out, so stay tuned for those!


  • congrats on your longest run ever! It’s such a great accomplishment and you’re SO close to that 10k mileage already! Glad to hear you’re feeling better. I find that I have to golf-ball my feet pretty much daily and have made it part of my getting ready in the morning routine – dry my hair, golfball my feet, etc. and it’s made a major difference. I also have a goflball in my desk drawer at work just in case ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you Melissa! I am going to have to actually get a couple of golf balls because I think that definitely helped in combination with icing and foam rolling. Haha I love that, I should keep one in my office too. Thanks for stopping by and reading my post!!

  • Congrats on that PR girlie! You are making big strides and have so much time left to keep training and increasing mileage and shave off time. I think after our little twitter chart yesterday I am going to go get me a $5 foam roller, try it! Hopefully it works or anything works for ya and you start to feel better ASAP!

    see ADRIENNE run

    • Thank you so much Adrienne!! The foam roller is definitely worth it!! Once I get more money I may get a full size one but for now, it works pretty great! I also tried the golf ball trick and that helped too ๐Ÿ™‚ And hopefully my feet will get stronger over time.

  • Congratulations! That is awesome that you hit 5 miles! Your weekend looked great, minus the soaking of the feet. Keep it up girl!

  • The only Nooma flavor I tried was the Banana Berry and I didn’t care for it. I’d love an update on which flavors you liked!

  • Jessica! Love this post! I am training for a 10K, too, so I know it’s a lot. Best of luck! I cannot wait to see what recipe you tried! I love making recipes up, but sometimes I draw a blank on inspiration.

  • 5 miles! That’s quite an accomplishment! Now I want to try a Nooma…I’m going to look on their site to see if I can find some near me!

  • Congratulations on your longest run ever! Five miles is crazy – you’re moving so much faster than I did at the beginning of running. I’m like the color change from red to purple on the spreadsheet – less harsh and more kind, because that’s exactly what you need to be to yourself, always.

    I’m also lacking in motivation this week. The weather has a lot to do with it, I think. I’m getting so nervous about the run on Saturday. I keep lowering my expectations as the week progresses. I’m hoping for a good run while laundry dries tonight.

  • I hope the golf ballcat toy trick works out for you! I had plantar fascitis shortly after I started running. I was on vacation and I went nuts and ran 4 miles every day with no rest days or icing down in between. Shortly thereafter I started limping around and having trouble walking. I took about a month or so off and then started back from 0.0 all over again, but hopefully you won’t have to do that. I doubt you will though because I went from running much less than 3 miles every other day to running more than 3 miles every day, and you’ve been gradually increasing distance over time.

    Some other tips to keep away PF are:
    1.) Ice your feet down after every run. I use frozen ice packs wrapped in a plastic bag that I can throw back into the freezer after I’m done.
    2.) Make sure you have the right type of shoes for your foot type. I went to Second Sole and they told me I needed more arch support. Orthotics can help a lot too.
    3.) Some folks think this is gross, but sleeping with socks on can also help speed up recovery. The reason is because our toesfeet curl up at night when they get cold, and from what I’ve read curling up feet can aggravate PF and wearing socks lessens the likelihood that they will get cold and curl up. This especially reduces morning heel pain.

    Also, that really sucks about the migraine! I had one on my birthday last Tuesday and it was awful. I can’t believe I passed the vision test at the license bureau. Hadn’t had one for 8 years. Fortunately it went away with some medicine and sleep.

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