Weekend Adventures: Showing Off CLE in Style

This past weekend was fantastic. Mike and I had the pleasure of showing his parents around Lakewood and Cleveland. They came up from New Jersey for the weekend and it was so nice to see them (it’s hard for Mike living away from his parents). I’m lucky that my mom is so close, but the rest of my family is spread out so I definitely understand what it’s like. His parents hadn’t seen our new place yet or met our newest addition to the family – Murphy (also known as Murphalicious, Binky, Binkers, Mr. Binkerton, etc). Seriously where do we come up with these nicknames? Haha. Molly is also known as Molly Moo, and a bunch of random variations of that. Anyways, his parents loved our new place & seeing our kitties.

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We also got some pretty flowers to spruce up the place for spring before his parents came. Needless to say, the Ohio weather hasn’t been kind to our poor plants…

Mike & I both took Friday off since his parents were flying in that morning. We picked them up from the airport and we came back to our apartment to relax for a little bit, to show them our new place, and to hang with the kitties. Then we decided to check out the Lakewood Cleveland Pickle for lunch! After a relaxing lunch, we got his parents checked into their hotel, and then we drove around and showed them some of the area. They were tired from traveling so we didn’t do too much exciting activities on Friday, but for dinner we checked out Burntwood Tavern in Rocky River. We had a really nice time and the food was delicious! However – I was shocked by how big the portion sizes were! Holy moly! Mike got the fish & chips, his mom and I both got the margarita flatbread, and his dad got pork chops.ย Since they were so tired, we just ended up taking them to the hotel after dinner so they could get a good night’s rest.

Saturday morning, we woke up early and met up with his parents back at the hotel for a little breakfast. Then we went back to our apartment to meet up with my mom who was spending the day with us. Saturday was a BLAST!

Our first stop was driving through the Rocky River reservation to show them a taste of the amazing Cleveland Metroparks. Then we also stopped at Lakewood Park and got some photos with the amazing view of Cleveland in the background. After that, we ventured over to Edgewater Park for an even closer view (and more photos, of course). Then it was time to grab some lunch.

We wanted to head down to Ohio City, go to Market Garden Brewery, and then go to West Side Market but it was BUSY and we couldn’t find parking. We ended up getting lunch at Angelo’s Pizza, which was still awesome, and then took the RTA in to Ohio City (why didn’t we think of that in the first place?! haha). We showed Mike’s dad the West Side Market, then we had a couple of hours to kill before our dinner reservation, so we stopped at Townhall for some drinks. After sampling a few beers, I ended up getting the Hoppin’ Frog Turbo Shandy. I also loved the Vanilla Bean Lemonade that Mike’s mom got – sooo yummy.

We decided to take his parents to Lago East Bank after we had such an amazing time at the event we attended back in February. Our dinner was fairly early, and we were still somewhatย full from lunch, so we didn’t get to try the amazing meat balls as an appetizer, but wine was had and lobster gnocchi was had all around, too! It was a lovely evening out – I even ran into an old coworker from one of my internships. Gotta love the small worldย feel of CLE ๐Ÿ™‚

I also got some photos of my outfit for the day. Nothing majorly fancy, but I liked it. It was still chilly out so I wore navy polka dot shorts with navy fleece leggings underneath. On top, I had on a navy and white polka dotted tank top from LOFT with my cozy puffy-armed sweater from Victoria’s Secret, and of course my favorite necklace (also from LOFT).

Sunday, we took his parents out to breakfast/brunch before they had to head home. It was a short trip, but oh so sweet! Hopefully they can visit more often – there’s so much to see in Northeast Ohio! Mike will get to see them again in June for a family wedding, then we’ll both be back in the Dirty Jers for our Jersey Shore vacation in July! Can’t wait!!


How was your weekend? Tell me in the comments below!


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