Weekend Adventures (Part 1): Blogger Meetup

I’ve gotta say – I’ve had QUITE the weekend (hence the 3 part blog post & taking forever to write these, lol).
On Saturday, I was invited to meet up with some bloggers from the Akron-Canton area: Jessica, Mandi, Rachel, Abby, and Megan (thank you for the invite, Jessica!). Our plan was to go to Bauman Orchards, then thrifting in Canton, then hang out at Mandi’s house… but the weather didn’t exactly cooperate with our plans. We still met up at Bauman Orchards, but we just browsed the inside shop for a bit, picked up a few goodies, then decided to change plans.

We ended up going straight to Mandi’s house for some indoor fun! We indulged in some delicious treats, apple crisp, hummus and vegetables, and a homemade adult beverage. Yum! Thanks for providing so many goodies for us!

Check out how adorable her house is, too:

Image courtesy of A Beautiful Mess / Making Nice in the Midwest.

And that’s just one room! We sat at her dining room table and chatted while playingย The Game of Things and laughed – a lot. We also got to see/meet her adorable daughter, Lucy. What a fun day we all had!

Snackin’ on hummus & veggies!

Bloggers being bloggers (a.k.a. photo shoot time…) haha!

I basically spent the whole day in the Akron-Canton area, so when I got home, I had to get some snuggling time in ๐Ÿ˜‰

Chillin & being silly with Mike <3

Stay tuned to find out what else I was up to this past weekend… ๐Ÿ™‚


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