Weekend Adventures / Exploring NC: Lake Johnson, Kure Beach, Jim Gaffigan, and Downtown Raleigh!

Our time has been consumed with work and house hunting, but a couple of weekends ago we had a chance to relax and have some fun! We got a chance to explore some more areas near us in North Carolina and enjoyed the outdoors. Mike’s friend Joe came in to visit from Winston-Salem and my best friend Katie came into town from DC.

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We started our weekend by seeing Jim Gaffigan at the Koka Booth Amphitheater in Cary – it was a gorgeous night and obviously Jim Gaffigan was hilarious. After the show, we all went back to our apartment to hang out and play Cards Against Humanity – always a fun party game ๐Ÿ™‚


The next day, we took Joe and Katie to experience Duck Donuts… then, we headed down to the Wilmington area for our first North Carolina beach trip! We ended up at Kure Beach (which is the cutest little town with adorable, colorful houses). We ate at Jack Mackerel’s for lunch, then headed down to the water. It was so nice to relax in the sun and the sand. Luckily, there were no sharks either! We’re hoping to make at least one more beach trip before it gets “too cold” (in North Carolina standards… hah). We’ve already made plans to go back for my birthday weekend!





We just stayed out for the day then headed back to Raleigh, showered and got ready to head out on the town. We ate dinner at The Pit (yum!) then wandered around Fayetteville street – goofing off and taking pictures.



Another weekend, Mike, Joe, and I went to Lake Johnson and went kayaking, then went to downtown Raleigh for the Food Truck Rodeo. That was another awesome weekend! I can’t wait to go kayaking again. Next time, I’ll be sure to wear sunscreen though, lol. My calves got BURNT to a crisp (Mike’s did too). The Food Truck Rodeo was kind of insane… I mean, I was used to the crowds at Walnut Wednesday in Cleveland but that doesn’t even compare to how big the Downtown Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo is. There were so many options to choose from! We tried waiting in line for a lobster roll, but we got impatient. We will get it next time though!




All in all, it’s been a crazy busy month or so since we started our house search… but also lots of fun! We’re so excited to settle down here, and I’m also glad we have a couple of friends fairly close by. We have so many things on our list of places to go & things to do… so you know I’ll be sharing our adventures here as always! Thanks so much for reading and keeping up with my on-and-off posting.

Until next time…