Weekend Adventures

Happy Monday, and hello July! I hope you had a terrific weekend. My weekend was overall pretty great, with an exceptionally fun Friday, a very mellow Saturday, a busy Sunday and a relaxing Sunday evening.

Friday morning began with a farewell to Mike as he left for vacation to New Jersey. I was bumming that I couldn’t go, but it’ll be nice for him to have some quality time with his parents. I am missing out on seeing his parents’ puppy though!

Just look at those puppy dog eyes...
Just look at those puppy dog eyes…

Friday night was the 3rd Country Megaticket show! I didn’t talk much about the 2nd one (Kenny Chesney) because I got a migraine that night & we left early. However, the Rascal Flatts show made up for it by far. It was the best one yet (no rain, no migraine, booyah!). B & I + sunshine + Angry Orchard, good music, and deep conversation made for a great start to the weekend.

12 years of friendship and counting!
Another huge lawn crowd.
Another huge lawn crowd.

This concert brought back memories of listening to Rascal Flatts during their “Feels Like Today” heyday… way before I would ever even consider buying something like a Country Mega Ticket. It’s funny how things change, and how some things don’t. I also learned that Cassadee Pope, the former lead singer of a pop-punk band that I knew about, won The Voice and suddenly became a country singer. It was interesting & unexpected – and I didn’t hate it! The Band Perry put on an incredible show… I was impressed by what true performers & entertainers they are.

Saturday was supposed to be a day for being productive, but I got yet another migraine so my day was spent in and out of sleep & when I was awake, I was taking it easy, watching TV & lounging on the couch, and cuddling with this little rascal:

She was melting my heart with her cuteness. Maine coon cats are supposedly really loyal, well it's definitely true! She never leaves my side.
She was melting my heart with her cuteness. Maine coon cats are supposedly really loyal, well it’s definitely true! She never leaves my side.

I also finally put my Christmas present to use on Saturday (my Kindle Paperwhite) by starting to read Mindy Kaling’s book “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)” & so far I am really liking it. She has a quirky style/sense of humor and it’s definitely a fun, light read. I’m excited to start reading more – I’m making that a priority. I also want to start reading more marketing-related books, as well. Gotta stay knowledgable!

Sunday was spent shopping with my mom. I picked up some great new wardrobe pieces that I will hopefully be using in future outfit posts… but for now I’ll just show you a couple of accessories that I got:


After being exhausted from all of that shopping, we decided to skip the Crocker Park fireworks in lieu of food & relaxation after a long day. Mom & I got dinner at Two Bucks in Middleburg Heights (which Mike & I had been meaning to try but never got around to it). It turned out to be a really awesome place – great food, great atmosphere, and so affordable! We both got 3 mix-and-match sliders – I chose the grilled cheese (with tomato and bacon), the cheesesteak, and the buffalo chicken. Mom got the grilled cheese & cheesesteak as well, but her 3rd choice was a Black & Bleu burger. We also shared fries with garlic & sage seasoning, and they were incredible! I also really enjoyed each of the sliders, except for the buffalo chicken one. It was SUPER spicy, even though it was supposed to be mild. I don’t know if it’s just the fact that my ability to handle spicy foods has evaporated or what, but I couldn’t eat it. However, the grilled cheese and the cheesesteak were fabulous. I’d definitely recommend any of the local Two Bucks for a quick & cheap bite to eat, or just a fun place to grab a drink!

Now it’s back to the grind, but since Mike’s gone on vacation all week, my routine will be different. I have many things I need to catch up on. Also, July is about to be a seriously busy month – but I’m not complaining! Have a great week ๐Ÿ™‚