Weekend Adventures

Ahoy! Welcome aboard! (Cheesy?)

My weekend was fairly low key and very relaxing. Friday night was spent on the couch, with Mike watching the Columbus Blue Jackets and me catching up on my Hulu queue. Saturday, I met up with a recent college graduate to talk about the advertising industry and how I got into the field (yes, I’m just as surprised as you that people want my advice on this, haha!). After that, we checked out Earth Fare in Rocky River… I hadn’t been to one yet! Surprising, right? Anyways, I liked it a lot… and could’ve spent a lot more time in there. But it was Saturday afternoon and pretty busy so we grabbed some crab cakes that were on special & I also got to try one of their juices. Someone on Twitter did tell me that they have really good sandwiches though, so I’ll have to go back soon to try them.


I tried the New Kale Lemonade. It was pretty good! I’m not the biggest lemon fan, but I definitely would drink this again.


I also got one of my three prizes that I won from Darling Prepster’s blogiversary jewelry giveaway! I got to pick out this necklace from Benevolent Jewels:


The rest of the weekend was mostly health & fitness related, so stay tuned for my Weekly Fitness Update! Earlier this week, I tried out the Sock Bun 2.0 using Marissa from Glitter or Gold’s trick… and it worked wonders! I always had trouble doing it where you actually roll your hair up… it would never work correctly. Try her tip, it turned out pretty fantastic in my opinion (minus my frizz & flyaways, of course):


My secret? I use this hair donut that I got on GroopDealz… it makes the bun look HUGE! I have a smaller one too but couldn’t find it when I tried this trick. I also actually didn’t pin my hair, I just wrapped another pony tail around the bun (only needed to do it once) and it kept it secure. Some strands poked out around it but it actually looked kind of good so I just left it. You can always pin them down though if you prefer.


How was your weekend? Tell me about it in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚


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