Twenty Four.

Hello 24.


(This video was too funny not to post!)

I don’t know how I feel about 24 yet. I don’t feel 24. Or at least I don’t feel like what I thought I should feel like at 24, if that makes any sense. I’m starting to get there, having my first place post-college with the love of my life. Starting my career. Things are falling into place. I feel like I still have so much growing up to do, though.

I am excited for 24 though. I think I just feel like it has a lot of potential. 23 was full of changes and firsts, and 24 will be too, but I think I’m slowly gaining more stability in my life. There’s also much to look forward to – more growing as a person, in my career, and in my relationship with Mike; continuing my focus on my health/fitness/weight loss journey and hopefully making much more progress; and just enjoying life, this city, and all of the amazing people in my life. I haven’t really made any goals for the upcoming year (do birthdays always seem like New Years? ha), but I do want to finish my 25 before 25 list really soon. I’m still working on ideas – coming up with 25 things is proving more difficult than I anticipated.

Last night, I was able to celebrate with Mike & my mom. We went to Riverwood Cafe for beers and $1 taco night and to catch the start of the Indians game. Then we went to Mahall’s 20 Lanes for a game of bowling, popcorn, and a drink. It was very low-key, but it was honestly exactly the way I wanted to celebrate – with two of the most important people in my life and just enjoying each others company & having fun. I’m looking forward to seeing more friends on Saturday, too, & I’m overall just extremely grateful for everyone who took a little time out of their day to wish me a happy birthday & make my day special. I sometimes forget how surrounded I am by amazing, genuine, caring people.

So… Just to humor my future self, if I ever look back on this, I’d like to reflect on some moments from the past year.

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