Tour de Cleveland – Part 1

Can you believe we’ve been in Raleigh for over a month now? I can’t!! It feels like just yesterday that we moved. Our last weeks in Cleveland were SO much fun, albeit sad. We decided to put together a last minute “CLE Bucket List” of things to see/do before our move. We didn’t have enough time to cover a lot, but it was fun getting out and seeing what we could. We definitely kept ourselves busy, fitting in adventures every chance we could. We tried some new restaurants (and revisited old favorites), and just had fun spending time with our friends and family before saying “see you soon”. Cleveland will always be home to me and leaving my friends and family was by far one of the hardest things I’ve done. I know it’s going to be super weird when I start seeing everyone post about how much fun they’re having at some event or enjoying the outdoors. I just have to remember that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be (which is a good feeling) and Mike and I are creating our own new memories. Also, I know we’ll have visitors here in Raleigh ๐Ÿ™‚ Plus, there’s SO much to explore and enjoy here, too. But anyways… back to our final Cleveland hurrahs.

Tour de Cleveland – Part 1

We started our “tour de Cleveland” with a night out in Lakewood – we headed to Taco Tontos for dinner, then drinks and games at 16-Bit Bar+Arcade. Also, one night during the week Mike and I tried out Prosperity Social Club. I am in LOVE with their fried chicken (so good!).




Getting green in CLE.

After that, St. Patty’s Day came and since I was off work, I was able to experience the party downtown! It was pretty nuts, especially on East 4th Street (obviously). I’m glad I got to experience my first Downtown Cleveland St. Patrick’s Day though! It was also really cool to see East 4th from above (the view from Dawn’s apartment above Flannery’s). I got way too claustrophobic trying to walk through East 4th street though, lol! Mike and I also got dinner at Ferris Steak House where they had these Reubenย egg rolls – which sound weird – but were actually pretty awesome. They also had a guy playing a bagpipe walking around the restaurant.





Sometimes you just have to splurge… life is about balance after all!

I had to splurge and try Jack Frost Donuts – I picked up a half dozen for Mike and I. They were deeeeeelish! I also wanted to try Brew Nuts but didn’t get a chance ๐Ÿ™ I also had to get one last gelato from Theย Sweet Spotย – specifically the “Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt and a Cinnamon Caramel Swirl” flavor because I’m literally obsessed with it (seriously, can someone ship me some please?! This is not a drill.)



Much love for Mediterranean food!

We made sure to get one last trip to Nate’s Deli in Ohio City on our schedule – hummus and tabbouleh and pita perfection! This was one of our favorite spots for fattoush (and everything else Mediterranean, really!).


The last hurrah… oh wait. Just kidding.

Our official “moving away” get-together took place at Cerino’s Casual Italian in Lakewood, where a good portion of our friends came out to celebrate with us! After dinner (and a bottle of wine… or two…), we headed over to 16-Bit Bar+Arcade (I think we liked this place, just maybe?). It’s funny though… because we still had time left before the move, we did a few more things with all of these people so even though this was supposed to be our “last shebang” it really wasn’t. (Which you’ll see in part 2! Stay tuned!)


I can’t even begin to thank our friends and family enough for all of the love and support during this big life change for us! We miss you all so much <3 PS: Come visit ASAP!

Until next time…


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