This video’s already made the rounds… but it’s too good not to post here!

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Clevelanders are a unique breed, and we are damn proud of it. I may not have been born here, but I was raised here and will always consider myself a Clevelander at heart, no matter where life takes me (if it does take me anywhere). Anyways, check out this new video which is part of the new “This Is Cleveland” campaign that I am just loving.

Cleveland has never followed anyone else’s rules, we made our own. That’s because the city where rock was born knows a thing or two about passion, freedom and doing things your way. Sure, there’s been pressure. But under the right conditions, pressure can create diamonds.

So, if you like a bit of grit mixed with sophistication in a place where you can eat bucatini pasta served with beef jerky, dance to world music on the front lawn of a renowned art museum or do yoga in front of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – and all in a city where we don’t take ourselves too seriously – then come to Cleveland. We’d love to have you join us.

We’ve never been flashy, trendy or perfect. And for that, you’re welcome.

Visit ThisIsCleveland.com for more, and check out #ThisisCLE on Twitter and Instagram!

What are your favorite things about CLE?


  • Oh, I’ve heard about this but this is the first time I’ve seen the whole thing so thanks for posting it! What an awesome video! I’m gonna post it on my Cleveland blogs.

  • Cool video! It was actually my first time seeing it on your blog & makes me want to make a trip to Cleveland soon.

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