Things I’m Looking Forward To

I’ve had a lot more time than usual lately for introspection – driving to class in silence, silent bus rides on my wine class trip, and sometimes even silent moments before bed.Β {Okay, I’ll also admit my mind has been wandering during class sometimes too… but with only a month until graduation, it’s hard not to! It was worst the week after I got back from spring break, but now it’s time to buckle down and get through this last month!} πŸ˜‰

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Silence can sometimes be scary – especially when you’re around other people, you feel like you need to fill the void, or that it’s awkward… but for me, it can be calming. I grew up as an only child so I learned to really like alone time. It’s nice to just let your mind wander sometimes. Recently, my mind wandered to the not-so-distant future: the upcoming summer.

So, here’s what I’m looking forward to:

  • First and foremost, I am looking forward to graduation, and having much more free time since I won’t be slaving away studying for tests or writing papers. It’s nice to know I’ll have time for me again.Β 
  • I bought a Country Mega Ticket for the first time this year. I won’t say I’m a HUGE country music fan, but I can definitely enjoy it. Plus it’s just going to be a fun time! I can’t believe there’s 8 that I get to go to. Such a good deal.
  • I can’t wait to go to Cedar Point.
  • I really want to go camping this summer.
  • I want to take trips to wineries – lots and lots of wineries πŸ˜‰
  • I can’t wait for a relaxing Saturday spent on a local Lake Erie beach, basking in the sun. I can’t wait to have some color & for my freckles to go crazy on my face. I love when my freckles come out.
  • I’m excited for Indians games & a Dollar Dog night or two.Β HAPPY {HOME} OPENING DAY!
  • Just generally getting outdoors more.
    I want to do a lot of bike riding with my new bike:


Mike & I both bought bikes last week, so I got this purple beauty. Well, okay, it’s just a cheap-o Wal-Mart bike… but for our recreational use, it’ll do just fine! We also want to get outside and go running, jogging, walking, etc. I feel more motivated to exercise when the weather is nicer and I can go outside. It’s so much more fun than just going to the gym. I mean I still like going to the gym, but just not as much.

  • Lastly, I’m just generally looking forward to whatever adventures life after graduation will bring. I want to continue trying new things and growing as a person, I want to make the most of each day, I want to travel, I want to just live life and be happy. {Most cliche statement ever, oh well.} I probably seem like I’m building up post-grad life so much in my mind and that I’m setting myself up for disappointment. I know it’s not always going to be rainbows & roses but… I’m just generally an optimistic person and I like to find happiness in the little things. And I’m just so ready to be done with school, haha!Β 

Your turn: What are you looking forward to this summer/year?


  • Great list, always nice to have things to look forward to. I’m really looking forward to the summer! Just being outside, enjoying the city more. And my trip to California, a week of riding bikes around wine country in June :).

  • A year ago I was in the exact same place in life.

    Post grad life is nice, but I certainly miss aspects of college. School was a lot of hard work, but the social part of it was so fun.

    Congrats on graduating!

  • I love having a list of goals to look forward to! Makes life seem that much more… rewarding, right?

    I am looking forward to GREAT summer weather, the Dave Matthews Band concert with my boyfriend, and cookouts <3

  • I love having a list of things to look forward to! Makes everything seem so much more rewarding!!

    I am looking forward to warm summer temperatures, the Dave Matthews Band concert with my bf, and cookouts with our friends <3

  • What a great list! I am a huge country fan, but even if you’re not, I think country concerts are some of the most fun shows to attend.
    I’m looking forward to my 10-year college reunion, my 1-year wedding anniversary, hopefully a trip to the Lake Erie islands, and all the fun and patio drinking that comes with summer in CLE!

    • I’ve started to get more into it in the last few years, so I can definitely say that I like country music, but it’s still not my favorite genre. But I am so looking forward to the concerts this summer, I’ve never been to one! I also love that they’ll be outdoors, too.

      You have a lot to look forward to, as well! So exciting πŸ™‚

  • The summer after graduation is so much fun. You have absolutely no worries and nowhere to be, so you get to do everything and anything! I miss it, haha.

    As for wineries — when I was living in Ohio, my friends took me to Sarah’s Vineyard/Winery in Cuyahoga Falls. It was so much fun!

    • I wish I was going to have that classic “summer after graduation” but I am jumping right into post-grad life with a full-time job! At least, that’s what the plan is. Gotta get that paycheck, haha. I’ve never heard of Sarah’s Vineyard – I’ll have to check it out! I want to visit as many wineries in Ohio as I possibly can, haha. I am officially a wino.

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