The Rest of My Weekend Adventures

Don’t the weekends go by too fast? Surprisingly though, this week has actually flown by (so far) too, and for that I am thankful! Last weekend, I got a break from school and homework and got to have some fun, as you’ve already seen by my date night post ๐Ÿ˜‰ Now let me tell you about the rest of my weekend!

Friday, I had the day off because I had a dentist appointment over in my old stomping grounds: Lorain County. I ended up fitting in some shopping time with my mom, as well. I was in need of new spring shoes for work since when I last shopped for work clothes, it was still a wintery wonderland here in Ohio, so I mostly have boots & it’s getting too hot for those. We stopped by Famous Footwear and I was able to find 4 new pairs of shoes ๐Ÿ™‚

Sperry Topsiders
First, I found these Sperry’s on sale. I fell in love with them instantly because of the purple! It’s become one of my favorite colors, especially since it’s one of my sorority’s colors too.
Classic black flats to go with pretty much any outfit.
Can’t go wrong!
Cute silver flats that will match most outfits, too, and allows me to switch it up! Buy them here.
These pretty gold wedges were on sale, and just looked so cute on my feet so I couldn’t resist!

I also came home from Marshall’s with a dress, 2 cropped pants, jean capris, my first peplum top, and some new workout clothes! Score!

Left: Mint Express brand jeggings; Middle: Soprano color block dress (The one I got is actually navy & teal, though); Right: White Lucky Brand crop jeans
Left: Mint Express brand jeggings (similar to picture)
Middle: Soprano color block dress (Same style as picture, but the one I got is actually navy & teal)
Right: White Lucky Brand crop jeans (similar to picture)
Chelsea & Theodore Navy & White Striped Peplum Top
Chelsea & Theodore Navy & White Striped Peplum Top

The peplum top pairs perfectly with the white crop jeans, and how cute is the back?! Also I love that I got it at a much cheaper price tag, thanks to Marshall’s ๐Ÿ˜‰ย Can’t wait for the weather to warm back up so I can wear it! Seriously, I know it’s typical Ohio but COME ON! I am ready for lots more sunshine.

Also, I must have really good timing because Jaclyn fromย Sharing My Sole just posted about the mint green trend, too! Go read her blog post here, with her fabulously styled outfit!

Friday evening, Mike & I indulged in pizza because we weren’t in the mood to cook. Let me just tell you, Mike is a New Jersey boy at heart (I’ve probably said that before, right?). Not a guido, though! Ha! However, he is used to New York style pizza, it’s what he grew up with & what he loves. So, one day last summer we started searching for places in the area that did that style of pizza and lo-and-behold, the only one we found that was still open was no more than 5 minutes from us! How cool is that?

Capri Pizza New York Style Cleveland Ohio

Now, I can’t say we’ve been to every pizza place in the area, but this one’s close & it’s really good. It’s not exactly the same as being back home for him, but considering what other choices we have locally, he loves it. I’m trying to work on my eating habits so we try not to do this too often, but when we do, Capri is our go to. Check it out if you’ve never had them!

Sunday was relaxing, as well. We purchased The Furminator, and it has been a god-send with our extremely furry, long-haired Maine Coon cat. We also gave her a bath after we were done, and it was pretty amusing. Supposedly, Maine Coon cats are supposed to like to swim, so we’ve been working on getting Molly more comfortable with water. Check out the video here:

โ€” Jessica Corson (@AnchoredinCLE) April 21, 2013

Anyways, other than that, I made yet ANOTHER graduation countdown, because let’s face it: I’m a little obsessed. Okay, a lot obsessed!


Yep… lots to do in the next two weeks! So close, yet so far. I also still need to decorate my cap! Was that always a thing for people to do or is it just gaining popularity now? I kind of decorated my high school graduation cap, but it was pretty lame. This is a much bigger deal to me, so I want it to look nice. But I haven’t had time to think of any ideas! Planning my party has been on my mind too, I still need to figure out what food I’m going to have! I was trying to get it catered, but I don’t know if it’s too late for that now or not. If you have any local catering suggestions, I would love to know about them!


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