Skillpop Raleigh – Handlettering Basics

A few weeks ago, I attended my second Skillpop class in Raleigh! My first one – Blogging Basics – really got me hooked on this new local company. I am slightly obsessed 🙂

My coworkers and I have been wanting to learn calligraphy, so this was the perfect opportunity to do that together. It wasn’t overpriced, we didn’t need to bring any of our own supplies, and the class was held in the same building that we work in, so it was a win-win-win. This class sells out FAST, so as soon as it was announced, we made sure to get our tickets.

Modern Calligraphy // Handlettering Basics

We were supplied with paper and Sharpie markers to get our calligraphy on with. The class was held by Christy Britt, who is a self-taught calligrapher. She provided us with 2 worksheets that we were able to use as guides as we learned & practiced our calligraphy. One had every letter of the alphabet and the other sheet had words and flourishes we could try out. She walked us through each letter, telling us exactly how to move the marker and what shapes to make (I learned a lot about the “almond” shape that is classic in calligraphy).



For me, calligraphy did not come naturally or easily. In fact, I thought I sucked – haha. I had trouble making my lines thin with the thick Sharpie, so maybe next time I’ll get some different markers. But I had a lot of fun and most importantly, I got to try something new! It’s something that will take more than one class to get the hang of. After a bit of practice throughout the class, I did noticeably get better though.

I haven’t practiced much since the class, but I want to make time to keep up with it. How fun would it be to create your own wall art or to hand letter some (future) wedding invitations?! The possibilities are endless. If only the hours in a day were endless, right? 🙂



Have you ever tried any type of calligraphy? If you’re in the Raleigh area, have you tried a Skillpop class yet?