#runCLE // 2015 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Official Ambassador

I can’t even begin to describe my level of excitement for this announcement! I closely followed the official bloggers from this past yearย and loved reading about their journeys and training – especially after I got selected to guest blog for the 2014 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon and completed my first 10K! It was such an awesome experience and I loved being able to share that with all of you on here as well. I had thought about applying to be an official blogger after the 2014 race was completed but kind of forgot all about it until a couple of weeks ago. I have kind of been out of the loop with the local social media more than normal so I totally missed the announcement that ambassador applications had opened. I am so thankful that I saw a tweet about it and that the application deadline had been extended! I applied right then and there.10472823_10152522972946446_7298258374037949648_o

Now I am so pleased + honored to say that I have been selected as one of 15 Official Ambassadors for the 2015 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon! It’s crazy to see my name next to so many incredible runners + bloggers that I admire. Check out the full list here + visit their blogs and social media accounts to follow their experiences!


Stay tuned for lots more on this, as I’ll be posting every other week starting in January where I’ll share my training + tips and other running related info (from a beginner’s perspective!). I’ll also be giving away a free race entry here on the blog once we get closer to the date. I am still debating between doing another 10K, or trying for my first half marathon. You’ll just have to come back to see what happens! ๐Ÿ˜‰



  • So excited to follow you along! I ran the half rite aid this year and it was my first one. Can’t wait to make it a tradition! It was a very symbolic race and the training helped me in many parts of my life!

  • I was so excited to see that you are one of the official Running Ambassadors for Cleveland. Congrats!!!! And go for the half, Jessica! You got it! I think I’m going to do the CLE Half again. I did it in 2013 and thought it was great! Have fun! Can’t wait to read about your experience!

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