Review: Jawbone UP

I’m kind of obsessed with fitness trackers/wearable tech. I previously tried out the FitBit One and a couple of months ago, I also got to try out the Jawbone UP!



I was really excited to try this one out because I’ve been wanting to get one of these fitness trackers that you can wear around your wrist for myself, so this was a great way to try it out. I liked how easy it was to get on and that it also doesn’t fall off. The materials are sturdy (aka they don’t feel cheap!) – you do want to be careful to not bend it too much though.


When I first got it set up, the app’s starter walk-through was fantastic in explaining everything:

There are so many different things you can do with this thing! I love the idle reminder especially. I couldn’t wait to start using it! It was fun to challenge myself to continuously try and get more steps and reach my 10,000 step goal. It was hard to do because most of my day is spent at a desk (office job problems). I also read that you can put the Jawbone UP on your shoe during spinning class to track that!

To sync the Jawbone UP to the app, you plug it into the headphone jack in your phone. A minor inconvenience compared to the FitBit (which syncs wirelessly), but something to note. Another thing the FitBit does that the Jawbone UP doesn’t is tracks how many flights of stairs you climb. That may not be important for everyone, but for some it may. You can also log your moods, foods, and fitness activities using the app – which is a great way to really keep track of your overall well-being. There’s also a social aspect with the UP app: you can add friends & complete challenges & encourage each other. You can read more about the Jawbone UP Features and the FAQ section for more information, or check out the Extended User Guide for a great visual walk-through.

I took screenshots of some of my daily activity tracking, sleep tracking, and the fun little tips and tricks that would pop up throughout my time using the Jawbone UP. I really loved that aspect of it, too. The app also connects to other fitness apps like RunKeeper, My Fitness Pal, and Map My Fitness.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Jawbone UP and would definitely recommend it! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t holding out for the iWatch though ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m hoping it will impress me with an all-in-one functionality. I already have a watch to track my runs, I still want a heart rate monitor, plus adding one of these fitness trackers is A LOT to wear! The Jawbone app was great, fairly comparable to FitBit’s though I think (at least for me), I had more of my friends on FitBit (if you are looking for the social aspect of it).

Do you have a fitness tracker? Which kind?


Disclosure: I received the Jawbone UP to try out for free (then sent back) from Verizon Wireless. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

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