Recipe: 3-Ingredient Ice Cream

I’m sure you’ve probably seen a billion variations of this on Pinterest and other blogs around the internet… (If not, go here, here, here, or here).

After our run last night, Mike & I were craving something frozen & sweet, but wanted to avoid Menchie’s and DQ, so I decided to give this recipe a shot. (And I am so glad that I did!) …So, here’s my take on the 1 or 2 ingredient ice cream (but mine has 3):


First things first, you need bananas. I used about 4, diced them up and froze them (for a couple days, but I’ve heard you can do as little as an hour). Then I put them in my blender:


I used a special peanut butter from Heinen’s (I’d say I used 3-4 tablespoons):


At first, it wouldn’t blend… so this is where the 3rd ingredient comes in: Milk! If you have a high powered food processor or blender, this may not be necessary for you. I just added a splash every so often to help the blending process. In the end, it came out sort of like soft-serve ice cream. It made enough for Mike & I to both have a bowl full.


Mike & I’s consensus: Delicious! It will be a great ice cream and frozen yogurt alternative, especially during the summer. And it was so easy to make! It’s pretty cool how frozen bananas turn into a smooth, creamy texture when blended. πŸ™‚

Have you tried this yet? Think you will?


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