Put-in-Bay Celebrations + My 25 Before 25 List Update

For my 25th birthday, I decided to plan a weekend around a 5K race: the 5K at Put-in-Bay. Mom booked a bed & breakfast for her, myself, and Mike. Some other friends decided to join us as well, so they booked a suite at the Put-in-Bay Resort. Minus some logistical issues, lack of cell-phone service in certain areas, and a little rain, it was a pretty awesome weekend. We got in late on Friday because we missed a ferry by like…
5-10 minutes, so we stopped in town in Port Clinton and got some food + a drink while we waited.


Once we got to the island, we were finally able to meet up with my mom & friends! We didn’t stay out too late since we had the 5K the next morning so we just checked out a couple of the bars. I got this silly picture of my goofy nerdy awesome boyfriend at Level 2:


The next morning was the 5K… which was super fun, but I was also super slow. Partially due to drinking alcohol the night before, and partially due to my lack of fitness recently. I walked about 95% of the race, but we did manage to finish in under an hour. It was a really nice way to see more of the island though.

The girls pre-race.
The girls pre-race.
Coming in for the finish (trying to get in under an hour, which we accomplished).
Coming in for the finish (trying to get in under an hour, which we accomplished).
5K finishers
5K finishers

Next it was time for some post-5K FOOD. We ended up splitting up because Mike, my mom, and I already had breakfast before the race (courtesy of our b&b), but my other 3 friends hadn’t eaten yet so they were starving, so they went to get food. We did a little shopping, went home to shower & change, then went to lunch. Mom and I got matching Put-in-Bay tank tops ๐Ÿ™‚




The food was really good. I forget the name of the restaurant – The Old Forge maybe? – but I loved their industrial-yet-modern interiors. After lunch, we decided to go check out Perry’s Cave and Heineman’s Winery. Both were fun experiences, albeit a bit over-priced, but I guess that’s what you can expect.


Typical PIB picture.
Typical PIB picture.
Mike & I looking fresh.
Mike & I looking fresh.
Rocking my new faux leather jacket!
Rocking my new faux leather jacket!

All-in-all, I had a great pre-birthday weekend with some of my favorite people. We did go out again on my actual birthday for dinner at Townhall in Ohio City. It was crazy busy, so the service was slow and we had to wait over an hour for a table when we had a reservation, but the hostess and waitresses were extremely nice and I was with good company so I can’t complain. I’m so grateful for all of the amazing people in my life <3

So I thought it would be fun to look back and see what I accomplished on my 25-before-25 list. If you haven’t read it, you can check it out here. I’m kind of sad that the list is over, but I’ll probably make another life checklist type thing and add whatever I didn’t finish. So here goes:


#1 – Complete my first 10K (Completed. I did the 2014 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon 10K.)


#2 – Do at least 1 more 5K (Completed. I actually did 2… the Running for Hope 5K and the one I posted about above, the 5K at Put-in-Bay).

#3 – Travel somewhere I’ve never been (Completed. Multiple times.)


#4 – Learn a new hobby or skill (Completed. I learned how to vlog!)

#5 – Volunteer (Completed. I’ve actually done quite a bit of volunteering lately!)

  • Volunteered with Pretty Living PR to help promote the La Nuit Noir benefit ball
  • Volunteered with MedWish by helping with their social media
  • Volunteering on the advisory board for the CWRU colony of Tri Sigma
  • Volunteered for the Cleveland American Marketing Associationโ€™s membership committee
  • Volunteering for AAF Clevelandโ€™s Social Media and PR Committee
  • Volunteered at the American Heart Association’s Cleveland Heart Walk (okay so this was after my birthday but still!)

#6 – Put at least $25 per paycheck into my savings account (Did not complete.)

Unfortunately, being unemployed for 3 months didn’t leave much room for saving money, but it’s something I intend to work on. I did start a tip-saving jar though, does that count a teensy bit? haha

Collecting tips from my part-time gym job! I guess I'm a decent smoothie-maker, haha.

#7 –ย Try something new / do something Iโ€™ve never done before (Completed.)

  • I tried my first spinning class on February 28th, 2014 (which I wrote about here).
  • I tried my first yoga class on March 20th, 2014. I am now a huge lover of both spinning & yoga.
  • I tried meditation (which is something I want to keep doing / incorporating into my life).
  • I went to Believe in CLE for the first time, then I went to a second one!

#8 –ย Try something I would normally never do (get out of my comfort zone) (Completed.)

#9 – Lose 15-20 pounds (Not quite completed.)

So, I don’t remember the exact date I created this list and I’m sure I was already down pounds from my heaviest weight, but I did hit the 20-pound total lost mark back in July (I’m up a couple of pounds since then). So… I still want to lose another 15-20 haha.

#10 – Spend more time outdoors this spring/summer/fall (Completed.)

We went camping & we explored the beaches and mountains in California.

#11 – Use my DSLR camera more (and get better with it) (Not completed.)

  • Funny story, I actually decided to sell it + get a point-and-shoot insteadโ€ฆ ha! (Which I’m not sure I’m doing anymore, because I’m getting the iPhone 6+ which I might just use as my P&S and then just keep my DSLR in case I need more than that.)
  • I did get to use it during my trip to the Jersey Shore though!

#12 – Do a “Random Act of Kindness” (Kind of completed.)

It was nothing major, but I helped an older lady out in a parking lot by catching her cart that was wheeling away and offered to take it back up to the store for her.

#13 – Read at least 5 books (Not completed.)

I finished 1 book, started 2 other books, but never had a chance to finish them or reach my goal. Oh well. I still want to fit reading into my schedule but it’s hard.

#14 – Make a new friend. (Completed.)

I feel like I did this a lot actually, and quite a bit came from some of my readers! How awesome is that? I seriously love you guys. Lyndsay and Iย also became really close after bonding over our love of blogging & health and fitness. Not to mention all the blog-friends (blends) I met at the BlogFest conference! Plus, I got to meet some lovely followers from Northeast Ohio (Nicole, Kayla & Andrea, a few girls from CHAARG, Lauren, and probably more that I can’t think of!) — it’s so funny how social media and blogging can connect people. I love it.

#15 – Take a class of some kind (Not completed.) — No real explanation needed here… it just didn’t happen.

#16 – Visit the Terminal Tower Observation Deck (Not completed.) — Again, just didn’t happen. But hopefully we can visit soon!

#17 – Go to a concert (Completed.)

#18 – Go on a vacation (Completed.)

#19 – Go geocaching (Not completed.)

#20 – Go camping (Completed.) — We went to Mohican State Park for a weekend trip.

#21 – Create my own wine (Not completed.)

#22 – Go to Mount Washington in Pittsburgh (Not completed.)

#23 – Go off the grid for an entire weekend (disconnect from technology) (Completed, sort of.)

#24 – Do a wine tasting (Completed.)

We attended a wine tasting held at our apartment, which was a blast. Mom & I also went to a wine tasting at Wine Styles one day. And we also did a wine sampling at Heineman’s Winery at PIB.

#25 – Get a library card (Not completed.)

So all in all, I’m pretty satisfied with what I was able to accomplish! The things that I didn’t accomplish are still on my to-do list though ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for reading this crazy long post! Have you ever done a 25-before-25 list or something similar?


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