Product Review: FitBit One

**Disclosure: I was sent this product for free to test out & review courtesy of Verizon Wireless. All opinions are 100% my own and no other compensation was received.**

As you know, I was (and still am) on a health & fitness journey. So a couple of months ago, I was given the opportunity to try out the FitBit One as part of my fitness routine.Β 


I was really surprised at how much the FitBit actually tracked – I thought it just tracked your steps and your sleep (slightly more than a regular pedometer), but I learned that it does quite a bit more! The FitBit One tracks your steps and your distance, the stairs you climb, your most active minutes, and also tracks your sleep habits. You can also use it to track your calories! Here’s an example of what the phone app looks like:

The FitBit easily syncs to your computer and your phone, so you can sync up your progress on the go. Another really cool feature is that the FitBit can actually wake you up with a silent, vibrating alarm. You wear the FitBit inside the arm band that comes with it while you sleep, and in the morning at the time you set, it will start vibrating to wake you up without waking anyone else up around you.


The clip on the back of the device’s case easily attaches to your clothing. It’s a very small device, so it’s not intrusive or heavy while you are wearing it. The FitBit also has connectivity with different apps, including Lose It!, My Fitness Pal, Map My Run, and more! If you’re interested in a FitBit, but don’t know which device to get, check out this device comparison chart.

Overall, I really enjoyed using this device. It helped me pay closer attention to my normal day-to-day activities, and also challenged me to walk around more when I could during working hours. (It’s hard to do when your job mostly consists of sitting at a desk all day, amiright?) Having the FitBit app on my Verizon Wireless smart phone was very helpful too. I was able to easily check my stats and track my calories during the workday.

I really want to try the new FitBit Force, too.

Have you used FitBit before? What was your experience with it?
If not, do you think it’s something you’d like to try?


  • I have a love hate relationship with fitbit. I actually had the Ultra for a few years, and now I have the Force (post on Tuesday πŸ˜‰ ), but while I LOVE the product, and the motivation it brings me, their customer service is the pits. Seriously. My only concern about the force at this point, is the ability to deal with water.. There is a connection point on the band that is open to body sweat and the elements… I’m curious to see how it holds up.

  • I don’t have a fitbit but I just got a Jawbone UP for my birthday. It’s very similar to the fitbit tracks my steps, sleep and I can record what I eat. It also has a setting to vibrate to wake me up in the morning as well as vibrate if I have been idle too long (usually M-F 7am-4pm lol). It also sync to my iphone and I love seeing all the stats!

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