Pixie Perks

Yep. I cut my hair off (again). The first time I did this, I had just graduated college and wanted a change, so I donated 12 inches of my hair and ended up with a just-above-the-shoulders length. I liked it at first, but soon after I missed my long hair. So I started growing it out again. I was also a bit heavier than I am now, and it’s definitely noticeable in my face (or at least to me it is, haha). Here’s what went down the first time around…


I can’t believe that was almost 2 years ago! This time around, I went even SHORTER. This is probably the shortest my hair has ever been since I was a baby.Β It was one of the most spontaneous things I’ve ever done. In casual conversation, Mike and I have talked about if I’d look good with short hair (like pixie-cut short), and I always thought I wouldn’t be able to pull it off, at least not until I lost more weight. So the day of the big cut, we were talking about it casually again, I had no intention of taking it any further than that…

Just before the big cut!
Just before the big cut!

But then I started thinking… I loved having long hair, but I literally never did anything with it. My hair is SO thick, so it always took FOREVER to do anything with and my arms would always get tired when styling. I never blow-dried my hair (hated doing that) because my hair would puff up like a lion’s mane and be super frizzy. I rarely straightened it or curled it because again, it took a really long time and my arm would get tired from holding the iron up lol. (My upper body strength obviously needs work). So anyways, I started thinking… why not?Β That was all it took, I made the BOLD choice to get it cut that day. I didn’t want to wait any longer, and I knew if I did wait that I would overthink it and talk myself out of it. It was a Sunday, mind you, so finding a salon that was open was difficult. But I found one and they did an amazing job! I was SO nervous, but also very excited! I looked up inspiration images online so I had an idea of the look I thought would look best, but obviously had the hairdresser work with my face shape. During the process of getting it cut, it was hard to picture what the end result would look like so I was anxious, but also grateful that she spent so much time on the cut, making sure it was perfect. So… drum roll please… here’s the final result (I’m calling it a long pixie, but I guess it’s kind of a cross between a pixie and a bob?):



I’m loving it so much! I may even go for MORE of a pixie style at my next haircut.
I kind of feel like a totally different person. At first, I didn’t even recognize myself!

Here’s what I love about my short hair:

  1. My showers take much less time and I use much less shampoo and conditioner!
  2. Styling my hair doesn’t take as long.
  3. I pretty much HAVE to style my hair – which is actually a good thing, it forces me to spend the time on it (but at least it’s less time!)
  4. It’s fun to play with. Seriously, I can’t stop running my hands through my hair.
  5. This one’s kind of gross, but now I have less hair to clog the drain with, LOL. (I shed like a cat)
  6. I feel like I look better in hats. So far I’ve only worn my winter ones so we’ll see how this pans out in the warmer months but I dig it!
  7. BYE BYE TANGLES! Goodness I can’t tell you how tangled my hair got once I grew it out and dyed it blonde. This is what I was dealing with (embarrassingly):


Here’s whatΒ I’m still working on:

  1. Bed head. It’s insane! I should take a picture of it sometime. No wait, I definitely shouldn’t.
  2. Styling it. So far, I have only managed to learn how to wear it straight.
  3. Blow drying. I don’t own a blow dryer. I haven’t decided if it’s necessary for me to get one. We’ll see.
  4. I’m debating getting a keratin treatment at some point, to keep things smooth and all that.
  5. I want to try some curlers that I can leave in while my hair dries. I usually shower at night and like I said before, don’t like to blow dry my hair, so I wonder if this will help with styling.
  6. Accessories. I was queen of the headbands before. I tried bobby-pinning one side back, and that turned out good! Still trying to find other creative ways to style it though.


What’s the boldest/most spontaneous decision you’ve ever made?

Do you have any short hair styling tips?

I'm loving this girl's hair - so FIERCE.
I’m loving this girl’s hair – so FIERCE.

Until next time…


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