One Week Until The Cleveland Marathon 10K

Hey friends. So, it’s been a little while since I talked about my 10K training, and that’s because it got off track. Now, the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon 10K is officially in a week and I’ll be honest, I am nowhere near as prepared as I wanted to be.


I know I’ll be fine and I’ll be able to complete it, without a doubt. I think I’ll have to walk majority of the race though, and I’m not sure how my feet are going to be during and after, but I plan to ice and foam roll and massage like crazy. I am still very excited for the race, especially since I’m pushing my limits and doing something I’ve never done before, plus I’ve heard the weather is going to be nice and cool which I think will help immensely. Β Also I have my amazing support system, my boyfriend Mike, with me all the way and I know he will keep me focused and help me push through any struggles.

I haven’t done a weekly fitness update since April 21st, and I haven’t run since April 18th. As I said in that weekly fitness update post, I had a work trip and then I got sick which set my training back. I did start doing the 21 Day Fix, so it’s not like I wasn’t active which is good. The workouts have kept me in shape and even has me getting stronger, but in the end I still haven’t run. Mike & I did go for a walk/jog over the weekend but it was only 1.5 miles. I’m hoping to get some last minute runs in this week but I also have a friend who will be in town all week, so I don’t know what’s going to happen. Regardless, I’m going to take the 10K at my own pace and I’m not going to worry about how fast or slow I go, or how much I walk versus run. It’s a little more complicated for me with my heart, which is why just doing the 10K alone is an accomplishment for me. I do plan to keep running though, to improve and increase my endurance. One day, I want to do a half-marathon. And maybe one day I’ll even go for a PR. It’s just a longer process for me.

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 12.24.59 AM

I want to wish everyone who is running any of the races at the Cleveland Marathon the best of luck, and no matter what happens, be proud of yourself for accomplishing something amazing! I can’t wait to cheer you all on somewhere along the west side of the course πŸ™‚

Hope you have a fantastic week!


  • Race day adrenaline is indeed huge. Don’t underestimate the impact of race day adrenaline! Race day adrenaline carried me to a sub-2 half marathon last November when I headed into the race thinking that I would be thrilled to run a 2:10 half marathon.

    Don’t worry about your time on race day – relax, have fun, and celebrate your first 10K. As a general rule, I never worry about time when I’m running a new distance because I personally think that setting a new distance PR should be the focus. There are plenty of other 10Ks at which you can shave off those pesky minutes. The Towpath 10-10 (10 miler and 10K) is on June 15 and the post-race buffet is fantastic.

    One potential way in which you can get your run in with your friend is to ask them to go with you! If they’re not a runner, you just might wind up helping them fall in love with the sport. I would have never, ever picked up running on my own unless my stepmom hadn’t proposed that we do a 5K together as a family.

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