Music Monday: Lydia & River City Extension

One thing I’ve loved since I was a teenager is going to live shows/concerts. Of course now I prefer to watch from further back and avoid the pit of tweens, but seeing a musician or band in person is such an ethereal experience. I lose myself in the music and it consumes me and I’m happy.

Back in 2010, one concert that I went to was the Lydia farewell show. I’ve loved the band Lydia for some time and when I heard they were playing one of their last shows in Cleveland, I knew I had to go. Little did I know, I’d also find out about another amazing band while I was there – River City Extension.


It was my first time seeing them and they absolutely BLEW ME AWAY. For the last song of their set, they grabbed their instruments and walked into the crowd and played the song from the floor. I happened to be standing close to where they were and I got a pretty amazing video from that night of one of my favorite songs of theirs (that I don’t think they ever recorded).

Here’s another song by them that’s the recorded version:

Since I mentioned Lydia I guess I should include one of their songs, too. I love their whole “Illuminate” album especially, so actually here’s a video of the whole album haha:

What is your favorite band to see live?