#MoveItMay: Make Your Health a Priority

As some (or most) of you know, I started writing about #MyHeartStory on AnchoredinCLE.com (before Jessica Gets Fit came to fruition). When I finally started realizing how important my overall health & my heart health was, it changed my life. Heart health is something I literally and figuratively hold dear to my heart. When I was invited to be the ambassador for this week’s #MoveItMay challenge, hosted by The Heart Truth, I jumped at the chance! I love helping to spread awareness about heart disease and prevention & sharing my story.

The #MoveItMay challenge is a fun way for women across the country to get heart healthy during the month of May. This challenge is centered on physical activity and healthy eating, since May is National Physical Activity and Sports Month, National Blood Pressure Education Month, and National Women’s Health Week.


Here’s the #MoveItMay challenges for this week (5/19 – 5/25):

Monday, May 19th: Eat 19 grapes for a healthy snack. (This isΒ about 1/3 of your serving of fruit for the day).

Tuesday, May 20th: Do 20 jumping jacks. This exercise has both aerobic and strength benefits because it elevates your heart rate and also works all of your large muscle groups.

Wednesday, May 21st: Try 21 overhead presses in 3 reps of 7. Don’t have weights? Try different household objects – soup cans, books, etc.

Thursday, May 22nd: Hold a downward dog pose for 22 seconds. Take deep breaths and move further into the pose with each exhalation.

Friday, May 23rd: Get your #23 on and try this Michael Jordan-inspired jump routine.

Saturday, May 24th: Do 24 push-ups or modified push-ups. Try breaking it up into 3 sets of 8.

Sunday, May 25th: Do 25 crunches. Strong abs can protect against lower back pain.

I’d love for you to try the challenges each day & share on social media using the hashtag #MoveItMay.
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Thanks again to The Heart Truth for having me as an ambassador for the #MoveItMay challenge!



Since the main goal here is to raise awareness, here’s a few infographics I want to share with you containing some great information about heart disease risks.

Always remember, healthy = happy! That goes for your heart too.


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