Mohican Weekend Adventures: Camping, river rafting, & a vlog

Over the weekend, Mike and I met up with my friend Bri down in Loudonville, Ohio to go camping for the weekend at Mohican State Park Campgrounds.

Our trip down took about 2 hours, however we left a little late so once we got to our destination it was pitch black and we couldn’t see A THING. The Mohican State Park campgrounds aren’t lit up very well, so we had such a hard time finding where we were supposed to go. On top of that, we didn’t have any cell service to call my friend for help. Such a disaster! It took us an hour of driving around to give up and head home (we were tired + frustrated), but luckily about 25 minutes into our drive we got service again and my friend called and said she’d meet us at the entranceway. We were beyond grateful!

Once we got to where we needed to be, we were able to relax and actually have some fun. Since we got in so late and we were bringing the main food, we hurried and got a fire started and cooked up some hot dogs. {My healthy eating took a little break this weekend, as you can imagine.} After that, we pretty much just went to bed because we wanted to get up early and get on the river. (Which, didn’t actually happen…)

The next morning, we ended up sleeping in which was honestly much needed so we didn’t regret it. After our late start, we headed to the Mohican Adventures canoe livery and decided to get a raft for the 3 of us. We spent a good 4-5 hours lounging on the river and just enjoying each other’s company (remember I said we had no cell service). It was so nice to disconnect (even if it was only for 24 hours). The weather ended up being perfect that day (even though rain was predicted) – we had sunshine and a nice breeze all day! There were some funny & interesting characters on the river too.

After our trip was over, we headed back to the cabin to make dinner and I indulged in a s’more. We were supposed to stay one more night but our cabin had a bee infestation and we were going to leave early Sunday anyways, so we decided to pack up and head home Saturday night instead. It was nice sleeping in our own bed, I won’t lie. Mike’s never been camping before so it’s not something he’s used to. He did enjoy our river trip though so we will definitely be doing that again (maybe just as a day trip next time). It was also nice to already be home on Sunday so we could get back into our routine after our California trip. We also realized that we have a bad habit of going to a pet store and leaving with an animal (or 2) — which is how we ended up with Murphy.Β You can see the newest members of our family in the video below! (I decided to start vlogging, as I mentioned in my last post,Β so I took some video during our trip). Let me know what you think!

(Also – if you guys have point-and-shoot camera suggestions, let me know in the comments!)

Here’s some pictures from our trip too:

Have you ever been camping or canoeing/boating? If you’re local, have you ever been to Mohican? I want to go again and try kayaking!