Misfit Shine: Fitness Activity Tracker (Product Review)

After getting to try a FitBit and a Jawbone, I was excited to try out a 3rd fitness activity tracker band – the Misfit ShineΒ (courtesy of Verizon Wireless).


The Misfit Shine

The Misfit Shine Activity Monitor plus sport band is as elegant as it is functional. Boasting a fashionable aluminum design and a variety of colors, it tracks your activity and sleep-from cycling and swimming to walking and running. Wear it as a necklace, on the collar of your blazer, attached to your sneaker or even as a watch (it comes with a clasp and sports band, and tells time too). Get motivation at a glance, or wirelessly sync the data to your iOS or Android device to view stats and set goals via the Shine app.Β 

Misfit Shine: fashionable and smart
Shine is sleek and small, too-about the size of a quarter. Goodbye clunky fitness bands! But despite its subtle size, the Shine offers huge results. Use it to track your activities-from everyday steps to how many laps you logged in the pool-as well as your sleep. Get motivated by glancing at the monitor’s halo of lights, which shows your progress. Dive deep into your statistics, set personal activity goals and have a little healthy competition with your friends through the Shine app for Android and iOS. And don’t stress about using this activity monitor; its replaceable battery lasts up to six months.

(Information taken from the Verizon Wireless website.)




Overall, it’s pretty standard for a fitness band – it tracks your steps/calories/distance, your weight, and your sleep cycles. Your steps (a.k.a. your movement) are measured as points, and the average goal is to get 1,000 points per day. There is also a screen that shows actual steps, calories, and distance. The Misfit Shine has the capability to track runs, biking, and swimming (as well as tennis, basketball, and soccer!) – and you can set it to track this in the app and then you just triple-tap the Shine to let the device know that you are starting an activity. One feature I also really like is the Auto Sleep Tracking – meaning it will just automatically figure out when you are sleeping instead of having to tap it. I liked this because, as I found out with the other devices I’ve tried, I would sometimes forget to let it know I was going to sleep. You can also let the app know how you wear the Shine so it better tracks your activity. You can wear the device on your chest, wrist, waist, ankle, and more! The app also lets you set goals for activity, sleep, and weight that you can track over time.

Here’s some screenshots I took of the app (click the thumbnailΒ to view the full image):

A couple of issues I noticed with this device:Β it sometimes took a few tries of tapping to get it to show me my progress. Also, the wrist band clasp would sometimes get caught in my hair if I moved my arm near my head. That was kind of a pain. However, the band is thin and sleek which makes it easy to wear. The other 2 devices I’ve tried are a bit bulkier. Lastly, if the social aspect of these devices is important to you, I still think the FitBit wins in that area. I don’t know anyone who has a Misfit Shine so I couldn’t connect with any friends. However you can connect with random people if that suits you. Overall, the device is great and I enjoyed using it! I really wish I was able to try out the band while swimming, though.

Do you use a fitness tracker? Which do you use?
Does the Misfit Shine sound like something you would use?


Disclosure: I received the Misfit Shine temporarily to test out and review from Verizon Wireless. I did not get to keep the device. No other compensation was received. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

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