Life Through The Lens #1

In an effort to keep up with this blog more regularly, I thought I’d start with something kind of easy but still fun – a photo snapshot/Instagram recap type post (since Instagram is basically just a mini photo blog).Β I do really hope to get back into posting more regularly and I hope this will help withΒ that. So for now, here’s what I’ve been up to (via Instagram posts & photos):


Winter is inevitably coming (whether we like it or not!), so one way we’re trying to make it not be so miserable is by going skiing – a LOT! We purchased our Pick-a-Day season passes to Boston Mills/Brandywine. It gives us something to look forward to (and is a pretty great form of exercise!).


This next photo will turn into a full blog post soon, but I’m working with Piano in a Flash to finally learn piano! I’ve had this electronic keyboard for many years, just sitting at my mom’s house taking up space. It was a great gift when I was a kid but I never took lessons, so I thought I’d change that. The beauty of post-grad life is more time for hobbies!


I’ve been cooking quite a bit more lately (which has been great!) so I recently made a delicious crock pot beef pot roast using grass-fed beef & organic vegetables:



Also in terms of food, I recently tried non-homogenized milk and it completely changed my perception of milk. I loved milk as a kid but grew out of it… I’ve hated milk for a long time now (with the exception of using it in things or with cereal). However, I tried Hartzler’s milk, which is local – from Wooster, Ohio – and it was delicious! (And so much better for you). We sell this at the holistic health clinic I work at (we have a health food store right in the office).


One other thing I recently tried is bone broth – I first learned about it through a presentation at work. Bone broth is basically just stock (I know it sounds gross), but it’s so much more nutritious when made homemade with quality ingredients. I want to do a full post on this at some point, but I recently tried making my own and it turned out fantastically.

Chicken bone broth

I also recently attempted to make cauliflower hot wings… which were okay, but not great. I want to try them again but without the batter and with a different sauce (Frank’s Red Hot was too spicy for me, haha).

What could’ve been a really great blog post, but alas is just a picture in this one. haha.

Also speaking of food & recipes… Are any of you readers of The Balanced Blonde (formerly The Blonde Vegan)? Her blog is fantastic, and she recently came out with her own app. I HAD to download it, and I’m so glad I did! It’s filled with so many great recipes that I want to try!



A little over a year ago, Mike & I moved to our current apartment and spontaneously adopted a 2nd kitty (Murphy). We literally walked into the pet store to get cat food or litter or something, saw Murphy, fell in love and brought him home. Well some things never change. Last weekend, we saw these 2 little munchkins who are brothers and well, it’s safe to say they came home with us. Don’t judge ;P

So yep, we now have 4 cats. Call us crazy. But we’re giving them a good home and it’s actually been really great so far! Murphy has new friends to play with (Molly was never much of a playful kitty), so he’s probably enjoying it the most. Plus, the new kittens keep Murphy occupied so he won’t bother Molly as much. I say it’s a win-win-win-win. Haha.


Seriously though, how cute are they?! We named the one on the right “Riker” because my boyfriend is a nerd and wanted to use something Star Trek related, and I guess Commander Riker has a beard, lol.


Little snuggle muffins.

What else? The new job is going absolutely great! I got to attend a local company’s corporate wellness fair which was my first time doing anything like this, so it was fun + also a learning experience!


We also had a gorgeous fall weekend here in Ohio, so we took a stroll through the Cleveland Metroparks earlier this afternoon. && That pretty much wraps up life the last week or two!


Have you ever tried making your own broth/stock?

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

What’s your favorite hobby?

What’s one thing you want to learn?

Until next time…



  • Ahhh, those cats are so adorable! <3 I started out as just a dog person, but then I adopted a stray kitten when I was 17 and fell in love, so now I'm both.

    I really miss piano! I hope you have fun learning! :] I want to learn Spanish, but I don't know where I'll ever be able to make the time to do so. :O

    • Thank you so much <3 We're obsessed haha. I was kind of the same way! I never had cats growing up, but we ended up adopting 2 from our neighbor's cat who had kittens and now I've had cats ever since.

      I totally get not knowing how to make time, even fitting in piano isn't easy haha. but luckily i can do it in small bursts!

  • Your new kittens are so cute! I was wondering if Riker was for Star Trek – I totally got that! LOL I am allergic to cats so it’s all dogs for me.
    I love making homemade chicken soup buy cooking a whole chicken – no cheating with prepackaged stock. That is the only part of the soup that I actually like! And since I just throw what I have in the pot, it always tastes a little different.
    This really was a perfect weekend! Perfect hiking weather :0)
    What would I want to learn? A whole new career… but what? That’s the question…

    • Thank you!! I absolutely love my job πŸ™‚ I’m just SO interested in nutrition & would love to learn more about it formally. I also think it’d be helpful in my current job and with my blog and other endeavors as well. Definitely something I plan to do at some point!

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