Life Through The Lens #2

To sum up the past 3 weeks: working, sleeping, LOTS of kitty snuggles & photo ops (seriously having 4 cats is so entertaining), Halloween, cooking, listening to T.Swift’s new album non-stop, not blogging, and I think that’s pretty much it haha.

Obviously a lot more happened but let’s be honest – if it didn’t get posted to Instagram, did it really even happen?


So what’s new? Well, I haven’t really had a chance to talk about my health & fitness journey much lately but I’m hoping to do that soon. I have a TON of cat photos I could share with you but I’ll spare you (haha), but here’s what I’ve been up to the past couple of weeks:


// I made this awesome concoction for lunch one day. Sautรฉed kale and cherry tomatoes in ghee, fresh lemon juice, topped with four fresh, local eggs cooked to about medium. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out since it was kind of a random “What do I have to cook with” meal, but it was delicious! //


// HALLOWEEN!! Mike & I kept it pretttttty simple this year: we both wore his New Jersey Devils jerseys, got cheapo devil horns from Target (that lit up!), and called it a costume. I decided to go one step further and personify the “Jersey Shore” stereotype with the hair bump and excessive makeup (no offense to any Jersey Girls out there…). All in all it was a fun night that didn’t cost too much money. (Seriously, I’m not all about that $70 costume that you only wear once). //




// I found this AWESOME snapback hat — mint, black, + gray with leopard print pattern — it’s perfect and I’m in love. Bonus? It was on clearance + it actually looks good on me! //


// Katie proceeded to call me “Thug Nasty” for wearing said hat but I still rocked it cuzย I dig it. Oh & Barrio. //


// Finally ordered an Activyst bag with my coupon code for being an ambassador (Total Activyst). I was dying to get this one untilย it sold out,ย but they got it back in stock! Love! Also it’s for a good cause ๐Ÿ™‚ //


// First time visiting Mason’s Creameryย at theirย new brick + mortar. They had so many amazing flavors which made it SO hard to choose, but I decided on the Salted Caramel ice cream combined with the Apple Cider sorbet and oh my god let me tell you how delicious it was. It was perfection in my mouth. //


// Mike & I celebrated our 3 year “Meet-iversary” – which probably sounds lame + cheesy but in all fairness, we’re going to be traveling on our actual 3 year dating anniversary so we decided to make the most of the evening. Mike came home with 3 roses, a bottle of red wine for me, and a grass-fed/organic London Broil for us to cook for dinner. It was a fantastic end to my day and made me feel so special <3 //


// Just a random picture of 2 dorks hanging out with one of those dorks’ moms (mine). We went out to North Olmsted to drop our skis off to get sharpened + waxed and met up with my mom for dinner at The Rail. I had a delicious cocktail consisting of local apple cider + captain morgan. Delishhhh. //

…Until next time,


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