Liebster Award… Round 2

The Liebster Award is back, and I was lucky to be nominated not once, but twice!

Thank you to Rachel (CLE Fashionista) and Kim (Born Bred Buttered) for selecting me. I did my first Liebster Award post back in April and it was fun to share a little about myself & connect with other bloggers.


Wondering what a Liebster Award is? Basically, it’s a blogger-to-blogger virtual award that recognizes great blogs and helps others discover new ones. When you’re nominated, you answer 10 questions proposed by the person who nominated you. You then nominate 10 more people and ask them 10 new questions. Seems simple enough, right?

So since I was nominated twice, here’s the TWENTY questions I was asked:

Lipstick or lip gloss? Definitely lipstick, though I admittedly don’t wear either very much.
What is your favorite fall/winter recipe? Right now I am absolutely loving homemade bone broth. I really need to post a recipe. However, this soup I made recently was also the bomb dot com.
What song can’t you stop listening to? No shame — “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift. (Plus every other song on her new album).
Describe your blog in three words. Work in progress. (As am I)
What article of clothing can’t you live without in the winter? A super warm scarf. I just recently got a plaid blanket scarf finally!
What is your favorite part about the city you currently live in? Pretty much everything Rachel talked about in her post on Cleveland Plus. Oh, and then there’s this perfection of a video:

Why did you start your blog? As a creative outlet, to capture moments and memories, & also because I knew it would help me in my marketing career.
What is the best gift you’ve ever given anyone? I really enjoy giving heartfelt gifts that really show how much I care about that person. Whether it’s something well thought out that I know they’ll love or a handmade photo collage, if it’s from the heart it’s the best.
What is the best gift you’ve ever received? This is a tough one! It’s hard to pick a materialistic thing because while they are nice, they are just things. I’ve been very blessed with amazing people in my life, incredible experiences and memories, etc, and I think those are the greatest gifts (even when not received during the holidays).
What is your favorite book? Also another tough one! I haven’t had the chance to read as much lately as I wish… but the last couple of books I’ve read were light and funny, but also really enjoyable. Those were Mindy Kaling’s “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)” and Ellen DeGeneres’ “Seriously…I’m Kidding”. I’m currently reading “Lean In” but I haven’t gotten very far. I have so many books on my Amazon Wish List though!

Beach vacation or adventurous road trip? Can I pick both? Okay maybe it’s this winter weather talking… I’d probably choose the adventurous road trip over the beach.
What’s your favorite meal of the day? Probably dinner. I like all my meals but dinner is when I feel I’m most creative (depending on the night, of course). I’m terrible at planning healthy & delicious breakfasts and lunches that I can either get up early and make or eat on the go. I’m getting better though!
Who’s your celebrity idol? I don’t think I have one… I don’t really idolize celebrities, I just think they’re pretty cool and really successful, which is awesome.
What’s your favorite season and why? Fall (especially early fall), because it’s when the air starts to get crisp and the leaves start to change and you’re reminded that things don’t last forever and you shouldn’t take anything for granted. Cliche? Absolutely. Basic white girl moment.
If you could relive any year of your life, which would it be and why? Honestly? Probably this past year. It’s been a crazy adventurous year, I feel like I’ve learned & grown so much but also had so much fun. My second choice would be to relive the last year I had with my dad (even though I’d be too young to really comprehend anything).
What’s your favorite word? Gelato.
What do you think was the best product to come out of the 90s? How can I choose?! I consulted Mike on this one… and we both agreed that the iMac (while maybe at the time didn’t seem so revolutionary) has completely changed the computer industry as we know it. I love my Mac 🙂
Tator tots or french fries? Sweet potato fries!
What are your plans for Thanksgiving? I actually sort of have 2 Thanksgivings planned. One is this weekend that my best friend is hosting & then on the actual Thanksgiving, Mike and I will be spending it with my mom at her house then at home with our kitties.
What’s your favorite restaurant? I still have SO much restaurant exploring to do in CLE, but lately we’ve been on a Mediterranean kick, so I’m going to go with Nate’s Deli in Ohio City. It looks like a total hole-in-the-wall place, but it’s SO good and the service is fantastic. Mmm now I’m hungry 🙂

I’m far too tired to think of any questions so I’m going to skip nominating anyone else this time around. Although if you’re really wanting to answer some questions, feel free to check out my first Liebster post and use the questions from that! 🙂 Thanks again to Rachel & Kim for the fun post!

Until next time…