Labor Day Weekend Adventures

Hello again! I’ve not been a very good blogger lately. After spending so much time and energy on recreating, redesigning, rebranding, etc… I had no energy left to write! Ironic, right?

I’ve been keeping myself insanely busy with work and our house and being a dog mom (more on that later), but I am trying to dedicate more time to this little space going forward. It’s been hard, but I want to keep up with blogging! So let’s get to it…

I must say, I was in need of a long weekend! Plus, my mom came to visit us! Besides it being Labor Day weekend, we also got to celebrate my mom’s birthday! She flew in on Thursday night, and our first outing was to the local wine bar. I had gone there once before with a friend and it had a great atmosphere, plus it’s so convenient! We ended up ordering a bottle of malbec + some charcuterie and it was delicious! We had such a great time catching up and bonding. My mom and I are very close, so living 8+ hours away from her hasn’t been the easiest transition. Luckily, she gets a lot of vacation time at her job, and we try to talk on the phone and/or video chat often.


On Friday, we spent the morning loungin’ around the house. I had my work fantasy football draft, then we got ready for the day. We headed out to do a little shopping, and I picked up a cold brew coffee maker (well, Mike got it for me as an early birthday gift). Then we went for sushi at M Sushi in Durham – per my coworkers’ recommendation! I’ve been told that you’re going to want a reservation if you go there, and I’m glad we took that advice! While it wasn’t busy when we first got there, by the time we left the place was packed.

The menu is more authentic (or at least what I imagine is more authentic) than your standard sushi place, so there were a lot of items we weren’t familiar with, but overall we enjoyed it! I got a lemon-y crab type roll (called the Cani roll), plus a standard tuna roll. We also got edamame, miso soup, and my mom tried a seaweed salad and sake for the first time! Friday’s weather was pretty crazy, we got a LOT of rain, so after dinner we just spent the night at home. Mom and I started watching Stranger Things and instantly became addicted.


Saturday was my mom’s birthday! We started the day off by going out for breakfast at Tupelo Honey Cafe in Cameron Village. Their biscuits & blueberry compote were delicious! After that, we headed over to the State Farmers’ Market in Raleigh, which I’ve been wanting to check out since we first moved down to NC. It was pretty cool! We didn’t buy too much, but I would definitely like to go back and do some produce shopping there. It’s awesome that it’s open pretty much every day, year round. The weather was also absolutely gorgeous!

After all of that, we decided to make a day of it and head over to Jordan Lake to take our puppy girl for a swim! We knew she liked water but we haven’t had the opportunity to take her to the beach yet, so it was the perfect weekend to do that. We went to Seaforth Beach and took Tegan to the outskirts of the swimming area (so as to not break any official rules). Tegan can’t really “swim” yet but she’s comfortable in the water as long as her legs can touch and her head is above water. She loves playing fetch, so we found some big sticks to throw to her. The weather was perfect – not too hot but the water was still pretty warm. Such a relaxing way to spend the afternoon!


That night, we went out for mom’s birthday dinner at Aviator Brewing Co. in Fuquay-Varina. They had a pumpkin beer on tap (Pumpkin Beast), so of course we had to try it. It is excellent! They covered the glass rim with cinnamon sugar, which gives it a little sweetness at the end. So yummy. We also indulged in their homemade root beer (I normally avoid soda at all costs, but I make an exception for this root beer to #TreatYoSelf). And of course, we always get their smoked wings with dry rub because it is so dang good.


With Sunday being mom’s last full day visiting, we opted to have a more chill day. Mike & I tackled our grocery shopping for the week and we also got fixin’s for a cookout. We spent some time cleaning the house, and I reorganized my home office (which desperately needed it). The office area is also my workout room, so I made some room in a little corner for all of my fitness stuff. I also decided that I eventually want to add built-in bookshelves to one of the walls in the office. I think I found my next house project πŸ™‚

I’d call it a successful holiday weekend!!

How did you spend Labor Day weekend?