#JustRunJuly – a 30-day run/walk challenge for runners of any level! (with a prize & discount code!)

I am so excited to announce that I am partnering with the IDEA Health & Fitness Associationย and Bend Active to host a 30-day challenge this July!



This July, I want to encourage you to JUST RUN. No matter what level of runner you are, or if you’re just getting started, anyone can put their feet to the pavement and move. This challenge is sponsored by Bend Active and brought to you by Jessica Gets Fit and IDEA Health & Fitness Association! There will be a prize of a $25 gift card to Bend Active.ย Also, anyone can use the code “JUSTRUNJULY10” for 10% off all merchandise orders at www.bendactive.com.


You are REQUIRED to post in the ChallengeLoop page at least once/week to be entered to win.
**To join the ChallengeLoop page, visit this link: http://www.challengeloop.com/challenge/justrunjuly **


The goal here is to challenge yourself. There’s no set time limits or distances – do what’s comfortable for you. If you can only walk, that’s okay! If you can run 10 miles and feel like doing that, that’s amazing! If you can’t run/walk every day, that’s okay too. Just do what you can, but challenge yourself!

I am providing a 30-day calendar for you to track your miles and also includes the photo-a-day prompt for the #JustRunJuly photo challenge! If you have Instagram, share a photo using the daily prompt as your inspiration with the #JustRunJuly hash tag. If you don’t have Instagram, you can post on Twitter, Facebook, in the Facebook group, or even right in the ChallengeLoop page.

I am looking forward to running with you all this month, and for us to challenge ourselves & inspire others!ย For extra support, please also feel free to join the Facebook group by going here: http://www.facebook.com/groups/justrunjuly/


just-run-july-run-walk-photo-a-day-challenge-calendar.pngHere’s more details on the daily photo prompt:

DAY 1 – GOAL: What is your running goal?

DAY 2 – SHOES: Show us those tennies!

DAY 3 – QUOTE: Share an inspiring quote related to running.

DAY 4 – RED, WHITE, AND BLUE: Share anything patriotic!

DAY 5 – WHY DO YOU RUN? Pretty self-explanatory… what do you love about running?

DAY 6 – SWEAT IS SEXY: Show off that sexy glow!

DAY 7 – PRE-RUN FUEL: How do you fuel before your run?

DAY 8 – LET’S SEE YOU MOVE: Take a photo or video while you are running!

DAY 9 – POST-RUN FUEL: How do you refuel after your run?

DAY 10 – STRETCH: Show us your favorite runner’s stretch!

DAY 11 – MUSIC: What’s pumping through your headphones?

DAY 12 – SMILE: Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy!

DAY 13 – CROSS TRAIN: What other types of exercises do you enjoy doing?

DAY 14 – SUPPORT: Show us who supports your running endeavors!

DAY 15 – FRESH AIR: Can I get a blue sky? Sunrise? All the space between?

DAY 16 – FAVE BRAND: Show off your favorite running-related brand.

DAY 17 – PR (PERSONAL RECORD): What records have you broken? Or what records do you WANT to break?

DAY 18 – OUTFIT: Let’s see what you rock while you’re running!

DAY 19 – SEEN ON YOUR RUN: Show us some scenery!

DAY 20 – RACE: Have you recently completed a race or are training for one? Or just something you aspire to do one day? Share!

DAY 21 – RUN TRACKER: How do you track your runs? Do you use an app or a watch, or something else?

DAY 22 – HYDRATE: Show us your water (or other hydration drink of choice).

DAY 23 – COOL OFF: It’s summer, let’s see how you like to cool off on a hot summer day! (Or, how you cool down after your run).

DAY 24 – MOTIVATION: What (or who) motivates you to run, to get better, to reach a goal?

DAY 25 – COMMUNITY: What do you love about the running community? (Or your local community).

DAY 26 – FAVE ACCESSORY: What do you always bring with you on a run?

DAY 27 – RELAXATION: Work hard, but play hard too! How do you take time to relax?

DAY 28 – OVERCOME: Tell us about a struggle or obstacle you’ve overcome in running.

DAY 29 – HOW YA FEELIN? Check in & let us know how it’s going!

DAY 30 – CELEBRATE: How are you going to celebrate accomplishing this challenge?

DAY 31 – TOTAL MONTHLY MILES: You did it! Total up your miles from the month and show us all how far you’ve come! We’re so proud of you!


Looking forward to pounding the pavement with you next month!


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