3 Reasons You’ve Hit a Weight Loss Plateau and How to Change It (Guest Post)

Hello! Today, I am traveling with Mike to New Jersey for our Jersey Shore beach vacation! I have some guest posts scheduled throughout our time away – starting with today’s! I’d like to introduce you to Jenni from Fitzala, who’s going to talk to you about your weight loss plateau. Take it away Jenni ๐Ÿ™‚


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I’m honored to be guest posting for Jessica while she’s out. My name is Jenni and I’m a personal trainer at Fitzala. I absolutely love helping people get fit and educating women about fitness. There’s so many companies and people out there ready and willing to benefit off of our desire to be fit and healthy, and I love helping women see that there’s no big secret to weight loss.


Today I’m going to discuss weight loss. Let’s be honest. It totally sucks.

But in the pursuit of health, aesthetics, and the desire to fit in your favorite jeans, it’s just necessary. There’s several issues that arise with dieting and one of the primary ones is that changing your lifestyle is hard. It’s even harder when you’ve been grinding it out for a while only to see progress come to a screeching halt.

Let’s discuss three common reasons you might have hit a weight loss plateau and go over how to fix them.

1. Enjoying the weekend a little much

After a hard week of “being good” it’s normal to want to enjoy the weekend. However the issue lies in the enjoyment of food and alcohol.

Alcohol is a big reason people justify their unhealthy choices. After a drink, your defenses are down and it’s easier to eat things you know you shouldn’t. Foods like pizza, fries, dessert or more drinks can easily undo the calorie deficit you created during the week.

Not only does alcohol make it easier to dig in when you’re not hungry, it also inhibits fat burning for up to 24 hours. Add in a few drinks and it’ll be a while before your body turns to fat for energy instead of the alcohol.

As hard as it can be in the beginning, it’s best to just say no. Try seltzer water with lemon for a fizzy and refreshing drink instead. Once you’ve hit your goal then take the time to figure out how you work in a drink or two without reversing your progress.

2. Lack of preparation

How many times a week do you get home from work, look in the fridge and determine that there’s nothing to eat? I’m sure you’ve heard that keeping easy fruits and vegetables to eat on hand will help your diet, but what about all the other necessary foods for meals?

Plan out your meals for the week, then go grocery shopping and only buy the ingredients you need. You’ll save money by not shopping as often and time by knowing what you’ll eat each day.


As convenient as eating out is, you really have no idea what’s in your food. Even if you order something you perceive to be healthy, you really don’t know what the cook used to prepare your meal. How much oil did he use to cook the chicken? Are the steamed vegetables just wet or is that olive oil? Is that brown bread really whole grain or is it just pretending? You really just don’t know!

Try cooking up a big batch of protein and chop up some vegetables to throw together for an easy stir fry. Add soy sauce or salsa to switch up the flavors for easy lunches and dinners to go. Experiment with different seasonings to switch up the flavors.

3. Going extreme

It’s pretty common that once one decides to lose weight, we usually want it gone NOW. And that desire leads us to fall prey to extreme diets. You know the type: juice fasts, cleanses, or other low calorie diets that claim to help you lose 10 pounds in a week.

There’s thousands of companies out there ready to take advantage of you. Don’t support them by buying pills or any other supplement or diet that claims to help you lose weight fast. Even if it did work, you won’t lose the weight in the way you want. If a fast weight loss occurs, you’re losing precious muscle along with a smaller proportion of fat. Take the time to go the recommended 1 pound per week route to lose fat instead of muscle.


In fact, you don’t need to buy anything to lose weight.

Just stick to quality, minimally processed food. Eat a high protein diet with plenty of fats, vegetables and enough carbohydrates to fuel your activity. Lift weights and add in cardio 1-2 times per week. This strategy allows you to keep your muscle while you lose the jiggly fat.

These three strategies are simple yet hard. It requires energy to plan out your meals and prepare food in advance. It requires self control to say no to alcohol, desserts or other indulgent food that’s bad for your diet. And losing the old fashioned way requires good ‘ol patience. It’s hard, and no one can say that it isn’t.


Thanks so much for the guest post, Jenni! Love these tips. One thing I’ve learned about weight loss is that every person’s journey is going to be different. Our bodies all work differently, which means we need to fuel differently, exercise differently, and will lose weight differently. You have to find out what works for YOUR body.

Do you have any weight loss tips? Comment below!


  • As a health and fitness professional one of the greatest things that I have seen make people unable to reach their goals is lack of or a misinformed education. For instance, I’ve had a person tell me they drink two glasses of orange juice per day because it’s “healthy”. Wrong! Sure there is Vitamin C, but juice is super high in sugar and calories. You’re much better off to eat an actual orange that has fiber as well as all the vitamin content.

    • I completely agree. Thanks for sharing!

      There’s a ton of misinformation out there and it really confuses people on what’s most important for reaching their goals.

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