Ghosts of Halloween Past

While I was in high school and my first year or two of college, Halloween was one of my favorite holidays (second to Thanksgiving), and I had an annual Halloween party. It was fun to have friends over (especially when we were too young to go out to bars & such), get all dressed up, and we’d usually have a bonfire too! My mom’s house was perfect for having people over – lots of room & a huge yard!

Once I went to Kent, Halloween was just as fun, with new friends & new places to go out to.

This year was officially my first post-grad Halloween – we didn’t do anything too crazy, but my best friend from high school (you may know her as B. here on the blog) had a party at her house so we ventured out to Twinsburg and ended up having an incredibly fun night!

I thought it’d be fun to take a trip down memory lane in the spirit of the holiday:

Ke$ha (or Je$ka as I called it); sexy maid; Robin; the Mad Hatter; and the Browns Elf.

Plus a few pictures from this year’s Halloween celebration:
(Thanks Instagram for encouraging my laziness by making it super easy to embed pictures into my blog! haha)

Anchors aweigh! #halloween #anchoredinCLE

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A #latergram from last night. #Halloween

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Do you celebrate Halloween?
Did you do anything fun for Halloween yet (or are you planning to)?
What did you dress up as?


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