Get Zesty This Summer With Zillow (Guest Post)

Adding color to your decor is one of the best ways to brighten up a room for the summer. I love incorporating some zesty yellows and lime greens any time of year, but there isn’t a better time than the warmer months to spruce up your space. Today I’m excited to have Miriam from Zillow talk about 5 ways to add some color to your space this summer.

5 Zesty Summer Accessories for the Living Room

By Miriam Bornstein of Zillow

Homeowners and renters often find it hard to bring fresh accents into their living rooms, especially when they’re used to seeing their rooms designed one way for an extended period of time. Make a statement this summer by incorporating zesty accessories for a refreshing burst of color and style.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration to spruce up an old space or trying to find the best-suited style for a new home, add seasonal flair with these five accessories.

1. Pillows

Source: Gerard Realty Group of Zillow Digs™

Throw pillows liven up any living space. If you have a neutral couch, citrus tones, such as orange, grapefruit, lime and lemon, provide a juicy burst of color. If your couch or chairs are not patterned, incorporate a printed pillow to bring texture, a splash of color and interesting details to your living room. Ease your way into integrating bold accents by placing a variety of pillows into the mix for a colorful and comfortable seating area.

2. Lighting

Source: Bill Heenan on Zillow Digs™

Turn up the brightness with eclectic light fixtures, such as lime green lamp shades, pink twinkle lights or yellow lamp bases. These eye-catching accessories add instant drama, serving as focal points for your guests. If you want to take lighting accents to the next level, purchase a cluster of zesty-colored candles with citrus scents and mix the sizes and colors for a decorative fireplace, mantle or table display.

3. Throw Rugs

Source: Steven Favreau of Zillow Digs™

Vibrant throw rugs set a bold tone for the overall design of a room. Mix contemporary with traditional by dressing up a gray couch with a bright knit or fleece blanket. If you have hardwood floors, try integrating citrus hues with a bold geometric-patterned rug to bring new dimensions and color to your floor. For a clean, modern look, try mixing tangerine and aqua.

4. Furniture

Source: Tony Leocadio on Zillow Digs™

Nothing makes a room pop quite like accent furniture. Review the overall design of the room and keep furniture selections in line with that theme, but consider one accent piece that pops. The additional piece could introduce a new design style to the room, a wild texture, funky legs, an interesting material or burst of color. When choosing adventurous furnishings, don’t overpower the room by incorporating too many accent colors.

5. Wall Art

Source: Tony Leocadio on Zillow Digs™

Tapestries provide an alternative to framed artwork. While both add color, a tapestry can cover more wall space, and eliminate the number of holes in your wall. Because tapestries are interchangeable, you can add citrus prints or colors during the summer months, and swap it for a mellower, winter-inspired tapestry during the fall and winter. If you don’t like tapestries, curtains provide the same splash of color and outline windows for a sun-drenched color palette.

Renting certainly comes with decoration restrictions; shop for an apartment where painting is acceptable or agree to the rules and work with these temporary accessories to add some seasonal zest.

Thanks for these awesome tips, Miriam! Until next time…


Disclosure: I was contacted by Zillow to feature a guest post on my blog. I approved this because I believed the information to be valuable to my readers. No compensation was received.