Get Refreshed with Essentia Alkaline Water

Have you heard of alkaline water? Basically, its pH level is basic to help counteract the acidity in our bodies from all the crap we put in it.

I had the opportunity to try a couple different alkaline drinks recently, one of which was Essentia Alkaline Water. I’m excited to tell you about this product and how it can help you get refreshed!

Essentia Water – Hydration Perfected


This looks and feels just like your regular bottle of water, except it’s not. I don’t quite know how to describe the taste because it’s a mild difference, but it definitely doesn’t taste just like regular water. It was smoother, almost. I really liked it and felt great after drinking it! Want to know more about the science behind it?

Essentia Water has a proprietary process called Ionic Separation Technology (IST). This improved technology results in ultra-pure, non-source dependent water, using a special electrolyte formula and electrolysis process to produce an ideal pH. Innovators of the first functional water, Essentia is unlike other electrolyte-enhanced or alkaline waters. Essentia’s 3-step process results in a water that helps fuel your healthy and active lifestyle.

Hydration Perfected: Hydrate + Restore + Balance



I drank Essentia during my normal daily routine, but also brought it with me during workouts & outdoor activities. That’s what is so great about it: it’s not something you can drink too much of – you can drink it every day if you want! If you have any other questions about Essentia, check out their FAQ section.

Essentia in the wild!

Is Alkaline Water Good For You?

Answer: Yes! Naturopaths, chiropractors, trainers, nutritionists and health enthusiasts around the world advocate drinking alkaline water daily for improved health and well being. (source)

Do you drink any type of alkaline water? Have you tried Essentia water? What did you think?


Disclosure: I received free product from Essentia in exchange for posting about their product on social media and/or my blog. No other compensation was received and all opinions are 100% my own.

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