Free 5-Day Water Challenge (February 17 – 21)

I’ve been trying to work on my water intake lately, and I think it’s been working! I have been drinking much less coffee and I feel more energized and refreshed. I bought this HUGE 32oz plastic mason jar water bottle from Target, so I know if I drink 2 of those throughout the day I’ll be making my goal. (Though I’ve been using this delicious recipe from Blogilates for a belly-slimming detox water, so all that fruit and veg takes up space so I try to drink 3-4). What ends up happening is I just keep refilling my mason jar throughout the day. It does make it harder to keep track of exactly how much water I’m drinking, but I can definitely say I’ve been drinking more. My coworkers joke about how I look like I’m at the spa (so fancy)!

5-Day Water Challenge

So when Shannon from LifeAficionada posted about a free 5-day water challenge, I didn’t hesitate to join! Keep reading for more information & to find out how you can join us!


Are YOU drinking enough water each day?

The goal of the 5 Day Water Challenge is to inspire others to replace juice, soda, energy drinks, coffee, sweet teas and other sugary beverages with WATER! It’s so exciting to see how making this simple change can bring such noticeable improvements, many of which you will experience very quickly!

If you’re interested in joining the challenge, leave a comment with your e-mail address (or send it to me in an e-mail).

  • Hi!! I would love to do the challenge! What do I need to do to sign up? Will we be doing it on Instagram? I really need the encouragement to drink more water!!!

    • Hey there, Shannon here from LifeAficionada! I just sent you a FB message in regards to the group – so be sure to check your “Other” Messages folder (as we aren’t friends just yet!)

      Thank you so much for your interest in the Water Challenge! We are so excited to have you!

  • I’ve been trying to increase my water intake lately too. I would suggest keeping a 2 cup measuring cup handy to do your refills with. That way you’re back to knowing how much you have drunk. That’s what I do, because like you, I steady refill my glass.

  • I recently read an article showing a woman’s experience after 30 days of more water and I was amazed by the difference in her physical appearance and she claimed incredible body changes as well. I’ve tried to increase my own intake since reading that (because really, how could it hurt) but I’m finding it hard. Mostly because I hate wasting all that time getting up from my desk to go to the bathroom :o/ Lame, I know! I’m going to keep trying. I know it’s better for me. Maybe I need to get a water cup like yours. I love it. It’s so cute!!! Good luck on your journey.

  • Good work Jessica!
    I’ve recently brought home a food poisoning souvenir from a vacation and as a consequence was badly dehydrated. In order to recover, I had to drink 4L of water per day. After I got back to normal, drinking 2 L of water seems so easy πŸ™‚ I got to this point the hard way though πŸ™‚ .

  • I keep finding more inspiration for my journey toward a healthier lifestyle. It looks like you’ve got some great tips on your blog.
    I’m stopping by from the 100 Days Challenge and am glad to have found your blog.

  • I love water and I really try to get in as much as possible but every once in a while I get off track with it and I think I need to follow your lead and get a cute big glass. Okay that’s just an excuse to go shopping I have plenty of water bottles I could use :). I hope you had much success in the challenge. Stopping by from #BBY100 and I’m a Clevelander too but only for another month headed out of the snow and into the AZ sunshine at the end of March

  • I love your giant water mug! I have several 64oz plastic cups I’ve collected from gas stations, and I use those to drink lots of water. However, I also drink a ridiculous amount of diet Coke, so I need to stop that. I’m working on transitioning to coffee, which I really don’t like so it should be easy to drink less of that than I do DC! I’m going to try that detox water recipe. I already drink lots of lemon water, but would like to try adding the other things and see what I think. Thanks for sharing about that! #BB100

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