Fitness Tech Necessities & Feeling Grateful

I’m not going to lie… I’ve been in a lazy slump. I haven’t been working out nearly as much as I used to. I don’t know if it’s because things got crazy with the new apartment & new job, my routine got interrupted, or what… but I was barely getting in 1 or 2 workouts a week. Sometimes not even 1 at all.

I was still eating (fairly) healthy, so I luckily didn’t gain any weight, but I wasn’t losing either. I stopped doing my shakes (which I’m hoping to bring back soon). I lost my motivation. I made excuses.

Well, I’m here to confess, take responsibility, and get my motivation back! Which is why I want to tell you about a little device that has surprisingly helped. My mom’s wi-fi hotspot. Weird, I know. But my apartment gym doesn’t have wi-fi. And before that, when I was working out at Planet Fitness, they didn’t have wi-fi either. (They both luckily have TVs, but it was only mediocre at best for entertaining me). See, working out is so much easier when I’m distracted while doing it. And to be honest, music doesn’t always cut it. Sometimes I can jam out and go hard, but I’ve found that being engrossed in a TV show is even better. I almost forget that I’m even working out. So, paired with my Apple iPad Mini, the Netflix app (my newest addiction is Gossip Girl), my wi-fi hot spot, and of course my Nike+ Sportwatch GPS, I’ve been off to a good start this week with getting back on track! Okay so I’m only 2 consecutive workouts in, but that’s a huge improvement to the past month or two so I’m giving myself some credit.


Saturday night, I “ran” 2 miles without even realizing it. Okay so like I’ve said before, I didn’t actually run (the whole time) – it was more like a fast walk with a spurt of jogging – but going that distance that easily felt good. See, I remember a time where doing 1 mile was hard. It was honestly a struggle. There’s more to my story that I will share hopefully soon (sorry I know that’s vague), so my health & fitness journey is especially hard. But I’m not going to let my problems win. I will overcome & reach my goals. I know it’s going to be a constant battle – especially when it comes to my eating habits. I’m a snacker. I’ll admit it. I am working on controlling my cravings but it is SO HARD. I know there are much bigger problems in the world and I feel silly for complaining about how it’s hard for me to not eat, but I digress…

We’re all a work in progress. I’ve said it before that I am. It’s actually kind of comforting & refreshing to know that at least I can only get better. Yes, I’ll mess up again I’m sure, but as long as I keep going forward towards my goals I am improving. And so is everyone else. We’re all working on ourselves in many different ways, working towards happiness. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized how pointless it is to let anything get in the way of being happy. I’ve given up on letting what other people think of me control my happiness, but it is good to feel connected, to not feel alone in things. It’s silly to worry about someone else’s life and to compare your life to theirs. Instead, embrace it. Be happy for others, and be proud of yourself. Build a community. Join together and help each other out. Because you never know who will give you a hand when you fall. This post has gotten a little side-tracked so let me just say thanks. Thanks for joining me on this journey. Thanks for watching me as I progress, and comforting me when I take a couple steps back. Thanks for the support, the community, and the advice.

I’m grateful.

(This has been a common theme lately)…

Anyways, here’s my 2 workouts so far (with more to come this week!):

I don’t know why the 2nd one makes it look like I was going so slow.
I mean, I was going a bit slower than before, but not THAT slow.

What are your favorite techy fitness accessories?

Do you prefer to watch something, listen to music, or listen to your thoughts while working out?


  • I LOVE watching Netflix while I work out! And I’m actually watching Gossip Girl right now too. It’s good because the episode are 40 minutes rather than some 20 minute shows so I work out longer! I may go in saying I’ll do a half hour but then I’ll just keep going until the episode ends. Finding motivation is definitely hard but we all struggle. You can do it!

    xoxo Jenny

  • I watch something on TV but I usually crank up my music so loud that I rarely hear it. I love that you kicked your own butt into gear. It’s nice when that happens, I’m feeling inspired today, which means I’m totally hitting the treadmill tonight. And um, who cares if it’s slow, if it’s a jog, wog or run – it’s movement and it’s awesome πŸ™‚

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