Eye Cat

Rawr! Oh, were you expecting a real cat?

Just casually looking at something on the ground…


I’ve had this necklace for a while, but I didn’t think I had anything to wear it with. Then while putting this outfit together (with this new shirt), it hit me that this necklace would be the perfect accessory! The triangle shape accents the ikat pattern, and the black and gold pulls the whole outfit together – the shoes, the bag, even the buttons on the shirt! The texture on the necklace is a fun little extra, too.



I’ve been slightly obsessed with these shoes ever since I got them! I love the chunky gold heel – it sounds cool when I walk, and they’re very stable to walk in… Because those are the important things! haha


Some of the photos are a little over exposed so the shirt’s rich teal color looks a bit more blue (like in the photo below), but the color is fantastic! I’ve been really into teal lately… which should be pretty obvious fromΒ this postΒ and my blog name/design change… haha!


Shirt: Jones New York Signature (via Marshall’s)
Jeans/Jeggings: LC by Lauren Conrad (via Kohl’s)
Shoes: Me Too (via T. J. Maxx)
Bag: Tommy Hilfiger (via Marshall’s)
Necklace: Pat Catan’s
Bracelet (which is just a short necklace worn doubled-up as a bracelet): Lauren by Ralph Lauren (via Marshall’s)


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