CLEvents: Mindful Eating with Dr. Susan Albers

As my passion for health and fitness continues to grow, I am becoming more and more fascinated with nutrition. It’s such a complicated field – there’s a ton of contradicting information and a lot of crap in the industry. I want to keep learning more and more so I can truly make good decisions about what I put into my body. I believe in eating healthy – not going on a diet. It’s definitely a mindset & a lifestyle change.

I recently stumbled upon a workshop being put together by Puma Yoga – it’s about “Mindful Eating” and it’s hosted by Cleveland Clinic psychologist Dr. Susan Albers.

5 Ways to Transform Your Eating Today!

Dr. Susan Albers will be introducing you to one of the most advanced and unique ways to eat.

Mindful Eating is not a diet. There are no menus or recipes. Itโ€™s about changing how you eat.

This lecture will help to get you motivated, lose/manage weight, eat healthier and stop falling into old mindless eating traps. Dr. Albers believes you can eat the foods you love but in a new, mindful way. Dr. Albers will share some easy, fun take home tips that you can start today!

Dr. Albers is a psychologist at The Cleveland Clinic. She conducts Mindful Eating workshops internationally and is frequently quoted in Shape, Prevention, Health Magazine, Oprah, Fitness, CNN, Dr. Oz TV show and National Public Radio (NPR).


5 Ways to Transform Your Eating Today!
When: Saturday, June 7th, 2014
Time: 10AM – 12PM
Where: Lakewood Congregational Church (1375 West Clifton Boulevard, Lakewood, OH)
Cost: $15 ($10 for members of Puma Yoga)


I’m so excited to learn more about mindful eating – especially right before summer (I’ve got a little #SummerSlimdown plan starting soon… stay tuned to for more on that later!).

I checked out Dr. Susan Albers’ blog, Eating Mindfully, and she has some great information about Mindful Eating that I thought I’d share with you:

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 11.50.04 PM

She even has a Mindful Eating app for the iPhone! Check out the details here.


If you are interested in learning more about mindful eating too, definitely check out this workshop! (And of course, let me know if you plan on attending!)


  • That event sounds really interesting…I know I would have a lot to learn on the subject of mindful eating! I just love desserts too much and it has caught up with me.

  • Lauren from has changed a lot of my ways of thinking about my eating habits! I highly recommend her blog. This app from Dr. Albers sounds awesome! I am definitely a fan of mindful eating ๐Ÿ™‚

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