Challenging Myself with #SummerSlimdown

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Weekly Fitness Update (which I plan on getting back into those very soon). My weight loss journey is still ongoing but the past couple weeks have been slow, I’ll admit. I’m not going to make excuses, but I did have a lot going on that made it harder than usual to stay on track. Family visiting, going out to eat with family, holiday parties, and so on. I know slip ups are normal so I’m not beating myself up over it, but I am ready to buckle down and focus on reaching my goal.

I’m going on vacation this summer in July to New Jersey with Mike and his family (The Jersey Shore), and my goal is to be comfortable enough to wear my new bikini on the beach. I honestly can’t remember the last time I wore a bikini in public but I know it’s been a couple years at least. This goal doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll be at my goal weight by July, but ideally I think if I lose 10-15 pounds that would put me at a good spot.


I started a #SummerSlimdown challenge group to give myself the support and accountability I know that I NEED to reach my goal of wearing a bikini this July on vacation at the Jersey Shore. I also started it because I know there’s others out there (including some of my friends) who could also use the push to reach their goal. It’s definitely going to go through July, but I’ll probably keep it going all summer if possible (and if interest/participation is still going strong). The group is about motivating each other, sharing our tips & tricks, sharing ideas & articles, and keeping each other accountable. If you’re interested in joining, let me know! It’s free and open to anyone πŸ™‚

Now that I’m not training for a race or anything, I don’t have a set fitness plan. I know I’m going to continue implementing the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan and workouts into my routine, and I also would like to do at least 1 spinning class per week and hopefully at least 2 runs per week. I’m also participating in 4, YES FOUR, challenges this month.

The 1000 in 30 Challenge


I started this one late so I have some catching up to do, but basically the goal is to complete 1,000 minutes of physical activity in 30 days. I have been doing physical activity in June but I haven’t started counting the minutes so I guess I’ll have to estimate. But it’s easy and fun, and I can incorporate my other challenges into it since I’m already doing those! If you want to join in, sign up here.

The 30-Day Ab Challenge


The 30-day ab challenge was actually something that Mike found and decided he wanted to do, so we’re doing this one together! It’s HARD. But I’m excited to see myself progress through it, get stronger, and my tummy shrink!

FitFluential #FFSquat Challenge – Drop It Like a Squat



I really enjoy FitFluential’s challenges, I’ve previously done their #FFAprilAbs and a yoga one in the past. This one is fairly open-ended, just do as many squats as you can each day, record the number, and then add up your totals weekly and then at the end of the month. Plus, who wouldn’t want to win a Polar heart rate monitor, right?!

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 1.07.50 PM

Β Mermaid Yogis Challenge

10401378_10202207286289841_4594537409292460105_nI’m really loving yoga and want to get more into it. Right now I’m also looking into taking a Yoga Basics workshop at a local yoga studio because I really want to learn more and get the basic poses down. This challenge is fun though and so far I’ve surprised myself with how flexible I am. I am nowhere near as flexible as regular yoga practicers but hopefully I will get there!

What are you doing this month to stay fit or lose weight?


  • Those challenges look fun (especially the yoga one!)! I may attempt the ab one if school hasn’t murdered me, haha. Best of luck to you on your goals! Your bikini is absolutely adorable! :]

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