Bronzed, Braided, Beautiful (& you can be too!)

I had the amazing opportunity to host a free sunless-tanning event for a few of my friends at T-N-T Tanning in Parma, Ohio. With summer right around the corner, it’s the time when people start building their base tans before vacations or just want to get that summer glow. I used to go to the regular tanning beds every once in a while, but had never tried spray tanning in the past (I’ll be honest, I was afraid of the orange!). It’s a smart way to get some color though because there’s absolutely no UV rays! Say bye bye to skin cancer! (Please use sunscreen when you’re tanning outside!)

The tanning party was courtesy of VersaSpa, the makers of the spray tanning beds. We were also joined by B. Lux Boutique, Lov Lox, and Raw Esthetics. My friends & I got to try out the amazing robot VersaSpa Pro tanning machine – it literally talks to you. I was so surprised with how easy it was and how good it looked. I was the first to try the tanning out and the ladies from Sunless, Inc were so helpful – showing me the ropes as a 1st time spray tanner.

To prep, you wear a cap around your head so your hair doesn’t get sprayed. They also gave me sticky feet so I wouldn’t be worried about stepping in the machine with my bare feet. Setting up the tan was easy – I went with a level 1 since I’m so fair-skinned, and opted for the bronze spray instead of clear (which just means the tan shows immediately – instant gratification). Stepping inside of the machine, there are the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 on the floor for your foot placement. The machine will literally tell you where to put your feet so your whole body gets sprayed. You do front, back, and each side. It also dries you in between each spray. I also got a post-tan moisturizer sprayed on. I walked out feeling bronzed and beautiful!
(And definitely NOT orange!!!)

Mingling with friends! And drinks, of course :)
Mingling with friends! And drinks, of course ๐Ÿ™‚


My friend Bri has darker skin and can tan much more than me, so she went for the level 3.
Here’s how hers turned out:

A few of us also got our hair done while waiting to tan & learned about the great organic skin products offered by Raw Esthetics.

My thick mane is hard to tame.
My thick mane is hard to tame.
Turned out pretty though! Now I'm bronzed, braided, & beautiful!
Turned out pretty though!
Now I’m bronzed, braided, & beautiful!



Want to try spray tanning for yourself? VersaSpa tanning machines are at most local TNT Tanning and Skin Deep Mega Spa locations in the area. You can also enter to win a FREE SPRAY TAN right here on the blog! All you have to do is tweet the following phrase: “I want to get bronzed & beautiful with @VersaSpa and @AnchoredinCLE! #VersaSpa” (You can tweet once per day for additional entries). A random winner will be chosen on Friday, June 13th.


Disclosure: I was invited to host a tanning party for me and my friends. We all received a free spray tan, refreshments, and a gift bag. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

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