Beach Bag Essentials for Summer (Guest Post)

Happy Hump Day! It’s been a rainy start to our vacation, but the weather is supposed to clear up the rest of the week so we’ll finally be back at the beach today! Perfect timing for this guest post from fellow Clevelander Kassey Sikora.

Check out her beach bag essentials this summer:


Since Jessica is currently on vacation at the Jersey Shore and I’m about to go on vacation to Miami Beach, I thought it only fitting to guest post about what’s in my beach bag. 

Depending on how you see it, I’m either a minimalist or an over packer, but this is literally EVERYTHING in my beach bag. And it’s the EXACT products I have for the most part (you’ll notice a Target theme…)

The one thing you won’t find in there is my iPhone! Mostly because I tend to leave my things on the beach while I go swimming and I worry about it getting stolen but also because the last time I went to the ocean with my #1 I didn’t take my phone and it was a magically liberating experience. I wasn’t able to take sunset pics for Instagram or document the sea turtle sand castle we made… but that’s okay. The beach is meant for relaxation and spending time with those you love… cut off from the outside world. Don’t worry about what time it is. Just enjoy the sun, the sand, and not having to work. 

Beach Bag Essentials - Healthy = Happy


Gerolsteiner water / hair ties / chapstick / sandals / sunscreen / face wipes / beach tote / book / wet bag / sun glasses / bikini / towels / clif bars / cover up dress (some are affiliate links)

The first weekend in August I’m heading to Miami Beach and a few more items might slip into my bag. If so, I’ll post an updated list of my beach bag essentials over on my blog:

What are your beach bag essentials?


Thanks so much for the guest post, Kassey! I hope you enjoy your vacation coming up as well 🙂


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