{A Very Belated Recap} – MedWish’s Band Aid Bash 2013

Time for me to catch up on recapping some events from earlier this month/late last month!

I won my tickets to MedWish‘s Band Aid Bash 2013 from Amanda at Clue Into Cleveland! I decided to bring my mom because she’s a bit of a foodie like me so I knew she would enjoy the event! Plus I knew she’d like the fact that it would be supporting an amazing local non-profit organization.

I’ve previously volunteered at MedWish through the co-ed service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, that I was a member of during college. I absolutely loved it there and think they are doing amazing work, so I was incredibly excited to get to attend this event. (I’m also just a huge supporter of non-profits in general, too.)

MedWish Band Aid Bash Collage.jpg

MedWish is celebrating their 20-year anniversary this year – which makes it that much more special. MedWish International is a non-profit organization committed to repurposing medical supplies and equipment discarded by the healthcare industry to provide humanitarian aid in developing countries to save lives and reduce waste to save our environment. I personally just think their mission is so unique and really creative, and love that it not only helps people but helps our environment too!

It was fun getting a little dolled up for our night out. I went with a nautical theme for my outfit:

MedWish Outfit Collage.jpg
Red, white, and blue polka dots!

Complete with cute gold accessories:

Gold Accessories Collage.jpg
Blingy bling!

My mom and I had fun just wandering around the different stations trying food, taking everything in, and of course checking out the awesome silent auction prizes. I saw so many sports & Browns related gifts that I would’ve bid on for Mike if I could’ve!

Menu Collage.jpg

The menu was awesome, with 4 different Cleveland restaurants participating. My personal favorites were the Soba Noodle Salad, the Asparagus Risotto (YUM!), the Sweet Corn Bisque, and the Pot Roast! We were definitely stuffed after all of that!

MedWish Band Aid Bash 2013 Food Collage.jpg
Clockwise from top left: Soba Noodle Salad (with Salmon!), Mac & Cheese, Asparagus Risotto, Sweet Corn Bisque, Shrimp & Grits (that my mom had), and lastly the Pot Roast! So pretty, right?

We washed down the delicious bites with our favorite drink of the night, this refreshing watermelon vodka concoction:

Image courtesy of Wearing Mascara - thanks Julie!
Image courtesy of Wearing Mascara – thanks Julie!

They also had this adorable puppy up for auction that I just fell in love with (but who didn’t?):

MedWish Band Aid Bash 2013 Silent Auction Puppy
How cute was this little pup?

After we stopped by to visit the puppy a couple times, we went to the Wine Pull (3 times, mind you…)

MedWish Band Aid Bash 2013 Wine Pull
{Image from MedWish’s Facebook Album}

The wines are all wrapped up, so you pay a flat amount and pick a cork out of a bowl at random & then unwrap it to see what you got! It’s like wine christmas! 😉

I also got to meet Katie from Call Me Trouble & Julie from Wearing Mascara (as I mentioned earlier in my Night in the Spotlight post) – which was awesome!

Blogger Friends Collage.jpg
I can’t believe how long my hair was! Goodness.

On our way out, we were greeted with delicious cinnamon sugar donuts from Donut Lab (which we later had again at Walnut Wednesday) – they were so good!

Donut Lab donuts at MedWish Band Aid Bash 2013

It was definitely a fun night, thanks again to Amanda for the opportunity to go! I look forward to hopefully attending again next year 🙂 Don’t forget to check out Call Me Trouble’s guest post on Clue Into Cleveland for her recap too! Also check out Sarah and Derek’s guest post on WhyCLE? about the event, she took some seriously awesome pictures! If you’re interested in helping out with MedWish, check out their Volunteer Opportunities, or go here to read about other ways to help!