A Spontaneous Commitment

It’s official – I registered for the 2014 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon 10K!!!

2014 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon

I have to thank MojaMala for her post because it inspired me to not overthink it & just go for it! Especially while prices are still so cheap! And thank you to everyone who ran in the 2013 for truly being an inspiration & making me believe that I, too, can do it!

2014 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon 10K Registration
Seriously, how can you beat that price? Love it!

I actually thought about signing up for the half, but I have a heart disease to worry about (which I will explain sometime in the future)… so I’d rather play it safe for now, considering this is the first race I’m actually officially signing up for. I want to do some 5Ks before then though, too… so if you have any to recommend please let me know!

Also, I’m still very new to running & racing (which is why I’ll probably need a whole year to train – haha), so if you have any tips, suggestions, etc… I would greatly appreciate them! I think I need to invest in new running shoes, too… Also, I’ve been wanting to get some kind of heart rate monitor watch or something, so if you have any recommendations for those I definitely need it! (Though I’ve heard Polar is highly recommended…?)

All in all, I’m very excited! I really think that impulsively signing up is better for me because then I can’t talk myself out of it haha. I’ve talked about doing numerous different 5Ks but I never followed through, but now I have no excuses! I’m nervous, but I know I can do this πŸ™‚

I have a few more fitness & health related posts in my head too, so hopefully I can get those out soon!


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