A New Kind of Sunday Funday

I love a good Sunday Funday as much as the next person… but I honestly need to spend my Sundays a little wiser. It would be so nice if the weekend was just one day longer ๐Ÿ˜‰


I really want to start taking more time on Sunday to prepare for the week ahead, it will only make my life a little easier during the week. I want to pick out my outfits & do some serious food prep for lunches & maybe even dinners too. I feel like if I just take some extra time on Sunday to do these things, I will be able to focus on other things during the week. I’ve also been wanting to start going to bed earlier so that I can get up in the morning and work out before work. Or even if that doesn’t work, if I do these extra things ahead of time, it will leave me more time after work to get my workout in during the evening.

Sundays don't have to be that bad, if you prepare for the week ahead!
Sundays don’t have to be that bad, if you prepare for the week ahead!

I still want that time to relax on Sunday, and I think that as long as I stay productive, both can be possible.


I by no means want to pass up any fun times that may come my way… I just need to prioritize and know when to say no. If you haven’t seen it yet… Julie’s post explains it perfectly – the desire to do it all. It’s important for my mental health & sanity to make time for myself though.

It’s time to start embracing Sundays, not dreading them!

What do your Sundays look like? Do you spend more time relaxing, or preparing for the week? Or do you fully indulge in Sunday Funday? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • It’s amazing how going to bed early will change a lot of things! I recently started doing this and my days are getting better! Good luck!

    • Thank you! I agree, I have to start making it a habit especially before winter because when it’s cold out it’s so much harder to get out of bed in the morning haha.

  • I love the idea of using Sunday to prep for the week. We usually go to church and then spend it visiting family while I love that, we always get back feeling a bit rushed.

    • It makes so much sense to spend a few hours preparing for the week. I’m busy with work and it will be so nice to have a few less things on my plate in the evenings! Although I would love more time with my family too – but unfortunately for me most of my family is in other states haha.

  • Perfect timing! I have a post scheduled to go live this Friday about my love for Sundays. I take Sundays so seriously that it has its own instagram hash tag (#sundaysatdinas). I have a busy schedule during the week so I try my best not to schedule anything on Sundays, and it somehow ends up being the perfect balance between a relaxing yet productive day. I mentioned a lot of these things in the post, but in order to maintain that balance, I always “sleep in but wake up early” if that makes sense. I make sure to give myself a little extra time to sleep in but I still wake up at a reasonable hour as to not waste the day. I grocery shop and prep everything for the week before noon. This gives me enough time to lay around, cook something new, work on my blog, and spend time with loved ones. I don’t work out on Sundays, that’s my rest day. If I do plan something, it HAS to be laid back and without any pressure. Like breakfast with family or casual bike ride with my boyfriend. Enjoy your time and don’t kill yourself trying to get it all done. It’s such a wonderful day!

    • I love that you do that – and your post was great! And I definitely agree – I enjoy getting an extra hour or two of sleep on Sunday, but not too much that I’ve wasted the whole morning. I am excited to stop dreading Sundays and enjoy the day! Thanks for stopping by/commenting! ๐Ÿ™‚

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